Jobs at the California State Library

Gillis Hall, California State Library

When you become eligible to work for the state (when you have passed an Open Examination), or if you are a former or current state employee, you can apply for a job at the California State Library. The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) lists these jobs for us on their website.

Current Job Openings

Classification Filing Deadline
Information Technology Associate (Software Engineer), Information Technology Bureau
Information Technology Specialist I (Information Security Officer), Information Technology Bureau
Associate Personnel Analyst (Human Resources Consultant), Administrative Services Bureau, Human Resource Services Office
Library Technical Assistant I (Cataloging and Acquisitions Assistant), State Library Services Bureau, Technical Services
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Learn about internship opportunities designed to give undergraduate students meaningful work experience as well as potentially college credit.



Learn about current volunteer opportunities at one of oldest cultural institutions in California.

Currently scheduled examinations

For further information on employment at the California State Library, email or call (916) 654-0202.

For general information about careers in the library field go to American Library Association. For more specific information about California library careers go to California Library Association Career Center.

EEO Disclaimer

It is the policy of the State and the California State Library (CSL) to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified job applicants and employees and have a workforce representative of California's diverse population. All efforts to ensure a representative workforce are made on the basis of an individual's merit, efficiency, ability, and fitness consistent with the State civil service and merit system principles and regulations.