Mental Health Initiative

In partnership with libraries across California, we create safe and welcoming places of knowledge and information for all.

1 in 10

in California suffer from functional impairment due to a mental disorder


depression will be the world's second leading cause of disability


California residents visited libraries in 2017

Program Foundations

Photo of a man discussing a book with a woman.

De-escalate Situations

Photo of two women using a computer in a library.

Develop Resources

Photo of a man holding a tablet in a library.

Create Programs

Why Libraries

Libraries have the unique ability to gather all demographics together in one spot. They are more than just a house of books; they are a free, public safe anyone can go to research and learn about any given topic. The Mental Health Initiatve is committed to helping libraries across the state serve every patron with kindness and compassion. We believe this starts with mental health education.