California Library Literacy Services

California Library Literacy Services, also known as CLLS, provides free tutoring to help adults across California achieve their goals. California Library Literacy Services has provided successful support for adult learners for 40 years. California Library Literacy Services has been successful over these four decades because public libraries are a trusted place at the heart of the community filled with information where learners can flourish.

Adult learner goals are the primary focus in California Library Literacy Services. Adult learners achieve personal goals, such as learning the alphabet, reading a book for the first time, getting a job or a better job, sharing a book with a child, getting a diploma, voting, and volunteering in the community.

California Library Literacy Services:

  • Helps libraries provide free tutoring, workshops, and classes to support adult learners and their families achieve their reading, writing, digital, math, and other important goals and aspirations
  • Provides free tutoring, workshops, and classes in community-based locations, such as state preschool sites, religious organizations, senior care facilities, and community centers
  • Provides books and other educational support materials to help families build their home libraries
  • Provides learners and volunteers with critical job readiness, support, and upskilling so learners and volunteers feel confident entering or promoting in the workforce, which contributes to overall local economic development and growth
  • Creates volunteer opportunities that helps community members connect with their community, share their skills, and learn new skills
  • Connects public libraries with school districts, community colleges, adult education schools, government agencies (such as human services agencies), and other community-based organizations
  • Connects adult learners and their families to community resources and services



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