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Photo of a reading room with tables, chairs, and rows of bookshelves. The Witkin State Law Library offers an extensive collection of primary and secondary sources with a focus on California law. Primary sources dating back to the beginning of California’s statehood provides information to conduct legislative or regulatory history research. Practice guides, court briefs, and do-it-yourself legal materials aid legal professionals and people that are representing themselves in court. Our collection extends beyond California as we have materials relating to other states, federal law, as well as historical and international law. Our librarians can assist you with your research requests, but we cannot operate as lawyers or provide you with legal advice. If you would like assistance with a legal matter or you are representing yourself in court, the California Courts Self-Help Center offers extensive information, including information on finding a lawyer. If you are interested in learning more about researching State and Federal legislation, codes, or regulations, please see the links below. You will find in-depth information and research guides across a range of subjects. If you have questions about legislative or regulatory history research not answered by the information here or in our research guides, please reach out to us at the contact information on this page.

California Law

Information on our unique and most requested collections regarding California state law, regulations, and courts

Federal Law

Highlights of our collection of federal laws, regulations, and opinions

Guides and Publications

A statute-to-bill number database, step-by-step guides on performing online legal research, archived newsletters, and more

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