Library Grant# Year Project Award Narrative
Alameda County Library40-76002010/2011 Ashland READS$46,705
Banning Library District40-76012010/2011 Catching up with the 21st Century$7,000
Buena Park Library District40-76022010/2011 Readercise: A Healthy Mind & Healthy Body Initiative$15,375
Califa Group40-76032010/2011 Open Source Open Libraries (Year 2)$125,350
Oakland Public Library40-76042010/2011 Oakland Book Project$49,643
Oxnard Public Library40-76052010/2011 Main Library Homework Center$26,950
Oxnard Public Library40-76062010/2011 Mixteco Project$7,020
Pacific Grove Public Library40-76072010/2011 Pacific Grove Public Library Teen Space!$21,600
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-76082010/2011 Healthy RC: Healthy Mind, Body & Earth$39,500
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-76092010/2011 Rancho KIDS: Phase II, Part 2$99,500
San Bernardino County Library40-76102010/2011 Yucaipa Technology Grant$100,000
San José Public Library40-76112010/2011 San José Historeality$49,875
San José Public Library40-76122010/2011 Work Wise: Component for Tutors$83,816
San Mateo County Library40-76132010/2011 Teen Engaging in Employment Now (TEEN)$22,536
Banning Library District40-76142010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association40-76152010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Monterey County Free Libraries40-76162010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library40-76172010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Museum of Performance & Design40-76182010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-76192010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Sonoma County Library40-76202010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
University Corporation at Monterey Bay-CSU, Monterey BayTanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library40-76212010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Thousand Oaks Library40-76222010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
West Valley College Library40-76232010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Hoopa Valley Tribe - Kim Yerton Memorial Library40-76242010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST): Continuation$5,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-76252010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST): Continuation$5,000
San Leandro Public Library40-76262010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST): Continuation$5,000
San Mateo County Library40-76272010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST): Continuation$5,000
Watsonville Public Library40-76282010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST): Continuation$5,000
Calabasas City Library40-76292010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST)$7,180
Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library40-76302010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST)$10,000
San Bernardino County Library40-76312010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST)$10,000
San Bernardino Public Library40-76322010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST)$10,000
Riverside Public Library40-76332010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$14,500
Alameda Free Library40-76342010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Alhambra Civic Center Library40-76352010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,266
Anaheim Public Library40-76362010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Berkeley Public Library40-76372010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$1,512
Buena Park Library District40-76382010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Camarena Memorial Public Library40-76392010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$2,844
Carlsbad City Library40-76402010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,554
City of Commerce Public Library40-76412010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Colusa County Free Library40-76422010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$2,952
Contra Costa County Library40-76432010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$10,000
Crowell Public Library40-76442010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$10,000
Daly City Public Library40-76452010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,464
Fullerton Public Library40-76472010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,266
Glendale Public Library40-76482010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$11,422
Glendora Library & Cultural Center40-76492010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Humboldt County Library40-76502010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$8,928
Marin County Law Library40-76512010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Mariposa County Library40-76522010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Monrovia Public Library40-76532010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Napa County Library40-76542010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$9,464
Oakland Public Library40-76552010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$14,464
Ontario City Library40-76562010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Orange County Public Libraries40-76572010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$13,532
Pasadena Public Library40-76582010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Placentia Library District40-76592010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,266
Placer County Library40-76602010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,464
Pleasanton Public Library40-76612010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,464
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-76622010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$10,000
Richmond Public Library40-76632010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Riverside County Library System40-76642010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$17,844
Roseville Public Library40-76652010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$8,024
Sacramento Public Library40-76662010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$9,464
San Bernardino County Library40-76672010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$14,266
San Diego County Library40-76682010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$41,655
San Diego County Public Law Library40-76692010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$9,266
San Diego Public Library40-76702010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$17,110
San Francisco Public Library40-76712010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$10,512
San José Public Library40-76722010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$28,928
San Mateo County Library40-76732010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$13,024
Santa Ana Public Library40-76742010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$13,318
Santa Clara County Library40-76752010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$8,928
Santa Cruz Public Libraries40-76762010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$3,024
Santa Monica Public Library40-76772010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$15,000
Solano County Library40-76782010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$12,488
Stanislaus County Free Library40-76792010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Tulare County Free Library40-76802010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Upland Public Library40-76812010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,000
Watsonville Public Library40-76822010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$7,488
Whittier Public Library40-76832010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$20,688
Yolo County Library40-76842010/2011 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$3,024
Internet Archive40-76852010/2011 California History Made Blind-Accessible$135,410
Sacramento Public Library40-76862010/2011 The Wonder of Reading Literacy Program$160,389
Califa Group40-76872010/2011 Califa Group$1,136,000
Califa Group40-76882010/2011 Making a Difference$85,393
Califa Group40-76892010/2011 Sustainability and Replication: Get Involved: Powered by Your Library$210,100
California Library Association40-76902010/2011 California Summer Reading Program$80,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-76912010/2011 Literacy Initiatives 2010/11$224,362
Peninsula Library System40-76922010/2011 Infopeople: Moving Libraries Forward$1,758,647
Southern California Library Cooperative40-76932010/2011 California Center for the Book - Year 12$162,504
Southern California Library Cooperative40-76942010/2011 Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros Statewide Project$49,500
Southern California Library Cooperative40-76952010/2011 Transforming Life After 50: Fellowship Support$61,341
The Regents of the University of California40-76962010/2011 Newspaper Digitization for California Libraries: Planning Ahead to Ensure Success $59,856
The Regents of the University of California40-76972010/2011 Preserving California Newspaper Negatives, Year 4$50,000
Califa Group40-76982010/2011 California of the Past Digital Storytelling Program (DST): Support$131,021
Southern California Library Cooperative40-76992010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program (FPLP): Support$213,511
Califa Group40-77002010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP): Support$78,654
The Regents of the University of California40-77012010/2011 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP): CDL Support Services$76,336
Pacific Library Partnership40-77022010/2011 California Preservation Program$194,150
NorthNet Library System40-77042010/2011 Library Access and Innovation Fund - California Rural and Tribal Communities$285,934
Califa Group40-77052010/2011 WorldCat/CalCat$1,126,101
Califa Group40-77062010/2011 Democracy - A Statewide Reading and Discussion Program Planning Project$15,000
Altadena Library District40-77072010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Azusa City Library40-77082010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
El Dorado County Library40-77092010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Orange County Public Libraries40-77102010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Oxnard Public Library40-77112010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Porterville Public Library40-77122010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Sacramento Public Library40-77132010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
San Bernardino Public Library40-77142010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
San Mateo County Library40-77152010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Santa Clara City Library40-77162010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Sierra Madre Public Library40-77172010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Sunnyvale Public Library40-77182010/2011 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-77192010/2011 Development of the Online LSTA Communication System$35,422
Azusa City Library40-77202010/2011 Taming Technology: Don't Ask a Kid - Do It Yourself!$9,957
Carlsbad City Library40-77212010/2011 2010-2011 Community Library Services Assessment$10,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-77222010/2011 Live and Learn - A Planning Grant$10,000
Riverside County Library System40-77232010/2011 Enhancing Lives Through Technology$9,965
Santa Clara County Library40-77242010/2011 Get Healthy@the Library with Screencasts in English and Spanish: Developing Healthy Literacy$10,000
Yolo County Library40-77252010/2011 Designing Programs: Promoting Lifelong Learning and Productive Aging$10,000
Alpine County Library/Archives40-77262010/2011 Computer Training for Adults$4,995
Burlingame Public Library40-77272010/2011 Burlingame Library Computer Education & Training ("CET") Program$5,000
Butte County Library40-77282010/2011 Technology for Teen Success$4,951
Contra Costa County Library40-77292010/2011 Kensington Reads$5,000
Contra Costa County Library40-77302010/2011 TAG 2.0$5,000
Long Beach Public Library40-77312010/2011 Crossing the Digital Divide Together$5,000
Los Angeles Public Library40-77322010/2011 Angeles Mesa Teen Study Space$5,000
Monrovia Public Library40-77332010/2011 Monrovia Cultural Series$10,000
Monterey County Free Libraries40-77342010/2011 Digitization and Online Access to Historical Photographs, Video and Audio Resources$5,000
Ontario City Library40-77352010/2011 Forging a New Future for Ontario City Library$5,000
Palos Verdes Library District40-77362010/2011 Virtual Community Project$5,000
Palos Verdes Library District40-77372010/2011 What Teens Know @ PVLD$5,000
Sacramento Public Library40-77382010/2011 Centralized Technology Volunteer Training Program$5,000
Sacramento Public Library40-77392010/2011 Library Everywhere: Library Wi-Fi in Public Spaces$4,350
San Diego County Library40-77412010/2011 Cuddle Up & Read Storytimes for Pregnant and Parenting Teens$5,000
San Diego County Library40-77422010/2011 Passport to IB: A Library Adventure$5,000
San Diego County Library40-77432010/2011 Welcome Back: Helping Ex-Offenders Rejoin the Workforce$5,000
San Diego Public Library40-77442010/2011 Cuddle Up & Read: Storytimes for Parenting Teens$5,000
San Francisco Public Library40-77452010/2011 Analog to Digital: San Francisco Public Library's Audiovisual Digitization Project$9,998
San Mateo County Library40-77462010/2011 Guitar Lending Library$5,000
Santa Ana Public Library40-77472010/2011 Skils-to-Work: Developing your Employment Potential$5,000
Santa Clara County Library40-77482010/2011 READ! ENJOY!$5,000
Sierra Madre Public Library40-77492010/2011 Customer Service: By Sierra Madre for Sierra Madre$5,000
Yorba Linda Public Library40-77502010/2011 Ready to Succeed: Teen Success through Active Engagement$5,000
Butte County Library40-77512010/2011 Transforming Life After 50$7,770
LA County Library40-77522010/2011 Implementing a Recareering Program in the Public Library$11,565
Hayward Public Library40-77532010/2011 Multigenerational Poetry Slam and Transforming Life After 50 Program$15,000
Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library40-77542010/2011 TLA50 Fellowship Grant$10,000
San Diego Public Library40-77552010/2011 Connections after 50 in the Greater Clairemont Area$15,000
San Mateo County Library40-77562010/2011 Life Connects@Your Library Program$9,900
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-77572010/2011 Maximizing Shared Collections for Increased Patron Access$62,328
49-99 Cooperative Library System40-77582010/2011 Preparing for the Future$63,483
Inland Library System40-77592010/2011 ILS ILLs: Sharing Library Resources$91,563
NorthNet Library System40-77602010/2011 Library to Go: Expanding Access to Digital Resources$107,918
Pacific Library Partnership40-77612010/2011 Help for Hard Times II$116,397
San Joaquin Valley Library System40-77622010/2011 Charting Future Paths for SJVLS$71,799
Serra Cooperative Library System40-77632010/2011 Breaking Away from the Building$78,799
Southern California Library Cooperative40-77642010/2011 Strengthening Our Staff's Skills and Our Connections$141,881
Windward School Library40-77652010/2011 Information Literacy and History: An Integrated Curriculum$5,000
Burbank Public Library40-77662010/2011 Teen Space$20,000
Butte County Library40-77672010/2011 Teachers Advantage Pass$8,000
Corona Public Library40-77682010/2011 Teens on Main - Technology Center$100,000
Council of California County Law Librarians (CCCLL)40-77692010/2011 CCCLL Business Plan$15,000
El Dorado County Library40-77702010/2011 Teens Make a Difference @ the Library$11,000
Fresno County Public Library40-77722010/2011 Library Geeks Job Squad$83,000
Hayward Public Library40-77732010/2011 Native Language Literacy Program$45,000
Kern County Library40-77742010/2011 Save Your Animals: Family Outreach for Animal/Pet Awareness and Welfare$75,000
Marin County Free Library40-77752010/2011 Archival Microfilm Master-Negative Collection of Historic Marin Newspapers, 1861-1922$3,000
Mission Viejo Library40-77762010/2011 Job Search Success$15,000
Napa County Library40-77772010/2011 Open Source Functionality Requirements Document$20,000
Nevada County Library40-77782010/2011 Horizon Software as a Service (SaaS) Project and Implementation$32,525
Orange Public Library40-77792010/2011 Local History Audiovisual Digital Preservation Project$29,500
Pasadena Public Library40-77802010/2011 "Red Box" Turns Green$70,000
Plumas County Library40-77812010/2011 Technology Behind Bars: Keys to Freedom$50,000
Pomona Public Library40-77822010/2011 The Pomona City Directory and Public High School Yearbook Digitization Project$20,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-77832010/2011 Local History 2.0 - Rancho Cucamonga Portal to the Past$75,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-77842010/2011 Play and Learn Islands. . . To Go!$100,000
Richmond Public Library40-77852010/2011 Iron Triangle Literacy Zone - Library, Literacy and the Learner Web$68,000
Riverside County Library System40-77862010/2011 Perris Library Gaming Centers$5,000
Sacramento Public Library40-77872010/2011 Circulating eReaders$100,000
San Benito County Free Library40-77882010/2011 ABC Express$50,000
San Bernardino County Library40-77892010/2011 Friends of the Library Annual Conference: The Joy of Leadership and Readership!$5,000
San Diego County Library40-77902010/2011 Bridge the Divide: After School Academy @ Your Library$20,000
San Diego Public Library40-77912010/2011 MobileStories: Teen Citizen Journalists in Action$76,988
San Luis Obispo City-County Library40-77922010/2011 Sparks into Flame$75,000
Santa Ana Public Library40-77932010/2011 "Small Steps Towards Healthy Living/Pasos Pequenos Para Una Vida Sana" Video Project$28,000
Santa Clara County Library40-77942010/2011 Friday Night Family Reading$32,643
Santa Cruz Public Libraries40-77952010/2011 PRESTO: PREparing STaff for Organizational Change$40,000
Santa Susana High School40-77962010/2011 Tech 2 Read$7,500
South San Francisco Public Library40-77972010/2011 Picture This - Our Stories$25,000
Tulare County Free Library40-77982010/2011 Job in a Box$60,000
Whittier Public Library40-77992010/2011 Whittier Digital Storytelling$15,000
Woodland Public Library40-78002010/2011 Employment Literacy Program$10,000
Yolo County Library40-78012010/2011 Mobile Access to Library Resources$31,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-78022010/2011 Networking California Library Resources$104,500
Santa Ana Public Library40-78032010/2011 Our Lives are Our History: Documenting, Collecting, and Preserving Santa Ana's History$5,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-78042010/2011 Understanding California's Demographic Shifts$199,926
Califa Group40-78052010/2011 Digitization of Historical Magazines$220,000
Califa Group40-78062010/2011 Digitization Stations$220,000
Califa Group40-78072010/2011 Digitization for the Print Disabled$330,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-78082010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help: SCLC Libraries$17,848
Southern California Library Cooperative40-78092010/2011 AskNow: California Statewide Virtual Reference Service$4,441
Butte County Library40-78102010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$20,700
City of Commerce Public Library40-78112010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$1,400
Colusa County Free Library40-78122010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$8,050
Covina Public Library40-78132010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$2,750
El Centro Public Library40-78142010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$1,125
Hayward Public Library40-78152010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$3,300
Huntington Beach Public Library40-78162010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$9,750
Kings County Library40-78172010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$16,000
Larkspur Public Library40-78182010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$4,600
Monterey County Free Libraries40-78192010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$5,250
Newport Beach Public Library40-78202010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$2,750
Palos Verdes Library District40-78212010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$4,750
San Anselmo Public Library40-78222010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$4,600
San Bernardino Public Library40-78232010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$4,600
San Diego Public Library40-78242010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$19,250
San Francisco Public Library40-78252010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$20,000
Tulare County Free Library40-78262010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$3,000
Yorba Linda Public Library40-78272010/2011 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$3,238
Sacramento Public Library40-78282010/2011 The Sacramento Public Library Independent Press$240,265
The Regents of the University of California40-78292010/2011 California Agricultural Experiment Station Publications Digitization & Cataloging$44,550
Beaumont Library District40-79002011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-79012011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
CSU, Channel Islands - John Spoor Broome Library40-79022011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
CSU, East Bay University Libraries40-79032011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
CSU, Fullerton Pollak Library40-79042011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Citrus College - Hayden Memorial Library40-79052011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Glendale Public Library40-79062011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Hirasaki National Resource Center of the Japanese American National Museum40-79072011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Santa Cruz Public Libraries40-79082011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP)$5,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-79092011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program (FPLP): Support$276,861
Fresno County Public Library40-79102011/2012 Saving Pop Laval Historic Photographs$71,005
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-79112011/2012 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,500
Inland Library System40-79122011/2012 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$54,899
NorthNet Library System40-79132011/2012 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$59,533
Pacific Library Partnership40-79142011/2012 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$133,135
Serra Cooperative Library System40-79152011/2012 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$102,417
Southern California Library Cooperative40-79162011/2012 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$113,885
Califa Group40-79172011/2012 Califa Group$1,000,999
Califa Group40-79182011/2012 Get Involved: Ensuring Sustainability and Replication: Support$116,050
California Library Association40-79192011/2012 California Summer Reading Program$112,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-79202011/2012 California Preservation Program$508,200
Pacific Library Partnership40-79212011/2012 Literacy and Workforce Development$196,565
Pacific Library Partnership40-79222011/2012 Literacy Initiatives 2011/12$433,145
Peninsula Library System40-79232011/2012 Infopeople: Moving Libraries Forward$2,496,946
Southern California Library Cooperative40-79242011/2012 California Center for the Book - Year 13$224,475
Southern California Library Cooperative40-79252011/2012 Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros Statewide Project$33,275
The Regents of the University of California40-79262011/2012 Preserving California Newspaper Negatives, Year 5$178,753
Southern California Library Cooperative40-79272011/2012 Transforming Life After 50: Online Resources$95,095
Califa Group40-79282011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP): Support$132,554
The Regents of the University of California40-79292011/2012 Local History Digital Resources Project (LHDRP): CDL Support Services$39,742
Colusa County Free Library40-79302011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $21,927
Downey City Library40-79312011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $15,385
Hemet Public Library40-79322011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $20,157
Lompoc Public Library40-79332011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $19,029
Oceanside Public Library40-79342011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $15,678
Plumas County Library40-79352011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $20,112
Plumas County Library40-79362011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $16,066
Pomona Public Library40-79372011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $8,500
Richmond Public Library40-79382011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $48,845
Riverside County Library System40-79392011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $24,695
San Benito County Free Library40-79402011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $18,307
San Leandro Public Library40-79412011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $34,196
San Luis Obispo City-County Library40-79422011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $40,783
Shasta Public Libraries40-79432011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $20,520
Sutter County Library40-79442011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $20,319
Tulare County Free Library40-79452011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $21,500
Woodland Public Library40-79462011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $39,439
Nevada County Library40-79472011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $21,024
Riverside Public Library40-79482011/2012 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$3,625
Califa Group40-79492011/2012 iCalifornia Digital Literacy (TRAIL & JobScout)$365,105
Sacramento Public Library40-79502011/2012 Freedom Readers Literacy Program$75,500
Roseville Public Library40-79512011/2012 Northern California Storybook and Literature Festival$10,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-79522011/2012 Networking California Library Resources$291,500
Alameda County Library40-79532011/2012 Project MOVE (Mobilizing Our Vision for Employment)$83,796
Beaumont Library District40-79542011/2012 Ready to Read Van (RRV) Community Early Literacy Project$90,000
Benicia Public Library40-79552011/2012 Summer Tutoring Project$3,500
Butte County Library40-79562011/2012 Zip Books - Digital Library of Northern California$49,998
Contra Costa County Library40-79572011/2012 eReaders to Go: Delivering Library Services to Homebound Customers$3,500
Contra Costa County Library40-79582011/2012 Predicting Success - Using Market Analysis for Designing Library Programs and Services$50,000
Corona Public Library40-79592011/2012 Bienvenidos! This is Your Library$44,000
Escondido Public Library40-79602011/2012 LibraryYou - An Online University for the People, by the People$35,000
Fullerton Public Library40-79612011/2012 FPL Library Station$35,000
Hayward Public Library40-79622011/2012 Hayward Public Library Non-Profit Resource Center$75,000
Imperial County Library40-79632011/2012 ACCESS$10,000
Inland Library System40-79642011/2012 Networking ILS Through Open Source$20,000
Mission Viejo Library40-79652011/2012 Capturing the Origins of a Master-Planned Community Through Oral Histories: Mission Viejo and the Saddleback Valley$30,000
Monrovia Public Library40-79662011/2012 Job & Career Information Center$20,000
Monterey County Free Libraries40-79672011/2012 Navigating a New World$37,000
Monterey Public Library40-79682011/2012 21st Century Skills for First-Year High School Students$5,300
Placer County Library40-79692011/2012 The Placer Plan$50,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-79702011/2012 Rancho KIDS V - PALs Across California!$25,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-79712011/2012 Staff Innovation Fund$20,000
Richmond Public Library40-79722011/2012 Summer Reading Camp$11,665
Riverside County Library System40-79732011/2012 Geek Academy$13,000
Salinas Public Library40-79742011/2012 Project iPAD: Imagine Providing Access Digitally$10,000
San Bernardino Public Library40-79752011/2012 A+ Partners in Education$60,000
San Bruno Public Library40-79762011/2012 Library Multipurpose Classroom$30,000
San Diego County Library40-79772011/2012 Bridge the Divide: After School Academy @ Your Library$50,000
Serra Cooperative Library System40-79782011/2012 Creando Enlaces: a Baja & Southern California Conference to Expand Library Borders$20,000
Santa Ana Public Library40-79792011/2012 For Your Information Santa Ana/ Para su informacion Santa Ana - Youth Media Ambassadors Digital Media Production Project$49,000
Santa Clara City Library40-79802011/2012 Project BEST (Basic Employment Skills Training)$79,372
Santa Fe Springs City Library40-79812011/2012 Read With Me Family Book Group$5,000
Santa Monica Public Library40-79822011/2012 Interactive Local History Website$19,000
Shasta Public Libraries40-79832011/2012 Baby & Me Sign Language 1 & 2 Classes$1,800
Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library40-79842011/2012 Families Reading Together/Familias Leyendo Juntos$6,799
Sunnyvale Public Library40-79852011/2012 Student Projects Using Microsoft Surface$20,050
Tulare County Free Library40-79862011/2012 Teen Vooks: Exposing Teens to Tools for Digital Creativity$27,637
Whittier Public Library40-79872011/2012 A Moveable Feast (of Library Materials)$30,000
Plumas County Library40-79882011/2012 Technology Behind Bars: Phase II$85,000
Califa Group40-79892011/2012 California Reads (10/11 Title - Making A Difference)$79,200
Serra Cooperative Library System40-79902011/2012 Serra: Working Together for the Next 50 Years$68,000
NorthNet Library System40-79912011/2012 21st Century Cooperative Service Model for NorthNet Library System $30,627
Southern California Library Cooperative40-79922011/2012 Development of the Online Local Assistance System$22,462
Anaheim Public Library40-79932011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Berkeley Public Library40-79942011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Camarena Memorial Public Library40-79952011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Covina Public Library40-79962011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Kern County Library40-79972011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Kings County Library40-79982011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Monterey County Free Libraries40-79992011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Ontario City Library40-80002011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Santa Barbara Public Library40-80012011/2012 California's Family Place Library Program - Implementation$15,000
Sacramento Public Library40-80022011/2012 Hearing eBooks - Accessible eBooks for the Visually and Physically Impaired$8,658
Contra Costa County Library40-80032011/2012 The Idea Box$5,000
Contra Costa County Library40-80042011/2012 Veterans Connect$5,000
LA County Library40-80052011/2012 Sustainable Living Educational Fairs at Agoura Hills and East Rancho Dominguez Libraries$5,000
LA County Library40-80062011/2012 Lawndale Lifestyle - 24/7 Access to Healthy Living for Kids, Teens, and Adults$5,000
LA County Library40-80072011/2012 A Focus on Teen Bullying: A Library Prevention and Awareness Program$5,000
Folsom Public Library40-80082011/2012 Book Club and Literature Program Series$5,000
Irwindale Public Library40-80092011/2012 Irwindale History Project$5,000
Kern County Library40-80102011/2012 Healthy Families, Healthy Futures$5,000
Los Angeles Public Library40-80112011/2012 Youth Author Project$5,000
Monrovia Public Library40-80122011/2012 Teens Videography Project$5,000
Oakland Public Library40-80132011/2012 E-Government Literacy at the Library$3,700
Ontario City Library40-80142011/2012 Give Them a Fighting Chance: Outreach to Ontario's Homeless Youth$5,000
Palo Alto City Library40-80152011/2012 Parenting Program Series at the Palo Alto City Library$5,000
Palos Verdes Library District40-80162011/2012 Ace Reporters: Meeting the Homework Needs of Palos Verdes' 4th & 5th Graders$5,000
Placer County Library40-80172011/2012 Digital Literacy: The Pathway to Information and Enrichment$5,000
Riverside County Library System40-80182011/2012 Living Library-Family Treasures$4,680
Sacramento Public Library40-80192011/2012 Preserving our Present: Sacramento Teens Share Their Stories$4,895
Salinas Public Library40-80202011/2012 Salinas Public Library: Social Justice Academy (SJA)$4,906
San Diego County Library40-80212011/2012 Building Better Health$4,872
San Diego County Library40-80222011/2012 Empowerment Center$5,000
San Mateo County Library40-80232011/2012 Improving Library Services to Foster Children$5,000
Santa Ana Public Library40-80242011/2012 Literacy on the Move: Enhancing Literacy Skills Throughout the Community$4,983
Santa Ana Public Library40-80252011/2012 Digitizing Yourself into the Internet Community$5,000
Santa Clara City Library40-80262011/2012 Project S.I.G.N. (Step Into Graphic Novels)$5,000
Santa Clara County Library40-80272011/2012 Healthy Teens and Tweens: Mind, Body & Soul$5,000
Santa Cruz Public Libraries40-80282011/2012 Let's Play Program$4,800
Santa Cruz Public Libraries40-80292011/2012 San Lorenzo Valley History Preservation & Digitization: The Faye Ellis Collection$4,995
Santa Monica Public Library40-80302011/2012 One Story Project: Empowering Teens Through Oral History$5,000
Santa Monica Public Library40-80312011/2012 Leveling the Playing Field: Library Outreach to Santa Monica's Homeless Youth$5,000
Sunnyvale Public Library40-80322011/2012 Lawyers in the Library: Intellectual Property$4,275
Whittier Public Library40-80332011/2012 Library as Community Wi-Fi Hub$16,000
Hayward Public Library40-80342011/2012 Infinite Visions Book-to-Action$3,000
Lodi Public Library40-80352011/2012 Dogs Serving Those Who Served$3,000
Oceanside Public Library40-80362011/2012 Paws to Help? READ-MEET-WALK$1,400
San Diego Public Library40-80372011/2012 Books to Action in Clairemont$3,000
San Francisco Public Library40-80382011/2012 Books To Action - Economic Empowerment Book Club$2,398
Santa Ana Public Library40-80392011/2012 Santa Ana Youth Overcoming Obstacles, One Discussion at a Time$3,000
Santa Barbara Public Library40-80402011/2012 Moby Duck: A Community Book-to-Action Project$3,000
Santa Clara City Library40-80412011/2012 A Circuit of Service$2,969
Solano County Library40-80422011/2012 Compassion to Action: Opportunity Conference$2,590
Torrance Public Library40-80432011/2012 Living Legacies$2,725
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-80442011/2012 Careers in the Real World$1,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-80452011/2012 Engaging Family Storytimes$4,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-80462011/2012 Puppy Rhymes and Story Times$4,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-80472011/2012 STEM Education: Robotics Workshop$5,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-80482011/2012 Welcome Baby$5,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-80492011/2012 Ebook Explosion: Training Staff and Assisting Patrons in eReader Technology$1,750
Whittier Public Library40-80502011/2012 Library LIT KIT: Young Adult Rotating Book Collection$1,500
Whittier Public Library40-80512011/2012 Partnering to Grow Whittier's Small Businesses$5,000
Whittier Public Library40-80522011/2012 Press Any Key/Oprima Cualquier Tecla$991
Whittier Public Library40-80532011/2012 E-books Windup$1,750
Pacific Library Partnership40-80542011/2012 Library Access and Innovation Fund - California Small, Rural and Tribal Communities$52,587
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-80552011/2012 Black Gold: New Approaches for Changing Times$20,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-80562011/2012 Testing Fulfillment$20,000
San Joaquin Valley Library System40-80572011/2012 A Stable Future for SJVLS$20,000
49-99 Cooperative Library System40-80582011/2012 Strengthening Our Connections$20,000
Inland Library System40-80592011/2012 Inland Library System: Adapting to the New Normal$19,866
Southern California Library Cooperative40-80602011/2012 One Card Project: Feasibility Study$20,000
Azusa City Library40-80612011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $6,840
Blanchard/Santa Paula Public Library District40-80622011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $8,978
Calaveras County Public Library40-80632011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $5,679
Chula Vista Public Library40-80642011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $13,666
Corona Public Library40-80652011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $10,085
Del Norte County Library District40-80662011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $10,717
Humboldt County Library40-80672011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $6,280
Monrovia Public Library40-80682011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $9,466
Napa County Library40-80692011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $12,622
Placer County Library40-80702011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $6,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-80712011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $7,250
Redwood City Public Library40-80722011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $34,562
Sacramento Public Library40-80732011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $13,664
Salinas Public Library40-80742011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $17,000
San Diego County Library40-80752011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $15,050
San Mateo County Library40-80762011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $17,690
Santa Barbara Public Library40-80772011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $11,524
Santa Maria Public Library40-80782011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $3,743
Siskiyou County Free Library40-80792011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $7,500
South San Francisco Public Library40-80802011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $19,988
Stanislaus County Free Library40-80812011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $41,544
Upland Public Library40-80822011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $9,100
Willows Public Library40-80832011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $10,240
Yolo County Library40-80842011/2012 CLLS Emergency Funding $7,763
Colusa County Free Library40-80852011/2012 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$1,294
Hemet Public Library40-80862011/2012 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$5,100
Kings County Library40-80872011/2012 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$12,000
San Anselmo Public Library40-80882011/2012 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$3,450
Califa Group40-80892011/2012 Google Chromebooks: Creating More Access to the Internet in Public Libraries$535,881
Califa Group40-80902011/2012 Community California$55,000
Califa Group40-80912011/2012 Digital California: Connecting California Libraries$55,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-80922011/2012 Learning and Reading in California Prisons$371,200
Califa Group40-81002012/2013 Technology Resources and Internet Literacy (TRAIL): JobScout Statewide Scale Up$694,210
Califa Group40-81012012/2013 Califa Group$483,308
California Library Association40-81022012/2013 California Summer Reading Program$48,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-81032012/2013 California Center for the Book - Year 14$159,498
Southern California Library Cooperative40-81042012/2013 AskNow: County Law Libraries$4,438
Southern California Library Cooperative40-81052012/2013 Development of the Online LSTA Communications System$21,912
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-81062012/2013 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$7,064
Inland Library System40-81072012/2013 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$28,257
Pacific Library Partnership40-81082012/2013 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$63,900
Serra Cooperative Library System40-81092012/2013 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$60,099
Southern California Library Cooperative40-81102012/2013 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$28,310
Pacific Library Partnership40-81112012/2013 California Preservation Program$212,300
Pacific Library Partnership40-81122012/2013 Networking California Library Resources$470,000
Serra Cooperative Library System40-81132012/2013 Seguimos Creandos Enlaces: A Baja & Southern California Conference to Expand Library Borders$22,300
The Regents of the University of California40-81142012/2013 Giannini Foundation Publications Digitization and Cataloging$6,710
Southern California Library Cooperative40-81152012/2013 California Reads Planning Project$30,000
Peninsula Library System40-81162012/2013 Infopeople: Moving Libraries Forward$2,398,705
Califa Group40-81172012/2013 Get Involved: Ensuring Sustainability and Replication: Support$61,050
Pacific Library Partnership40-81182012/2013 Literacy Initiatives 2012/13$452,180
Pacific Library Partnership40-81192012/2013 Workforce Development$56,093
Pacific Library Partnership40-81202012/2013 Library Outreach to Veterans Initiative$59,631
Califa Group40-81212012/2013 HealthScout$116,250
Califa Group40-81222012/2013 Now We're Talking$70,003
Monterey County Free Libraries40-81232012/2013 Navigating a New World 2.0$9,590
Sacramento Public Library40-81242012/2013 Hearing E-books Refresh$5,796
Berkeley Public Library40-81252012/2013 Berkeley Comics Arts Festival$5,000
LA County Library40-81262012/2013 Foto East LA: An Online Local History Resource$5,000
LA County Library40-81272012/2013 Topanga Digital History$5,000
LA County Library40-81282012/2013 WeHo Legal Information Literacy Program$5,000
Hayward Public Library40-81292012/2013 Teen Empowerment Program$5,000
Los Angeles Public Library40-81302012/2013 Helping the Helpers: Facilitating Nonprofit Conversation$4,900
Marin County Free Library40-81312012/2013 Everyone's a Winner: Reimagining Children's Collections From the Ground Up$5,000
Mission Viejo Library40-81322012/2013 Write On!: Blogging with Teens at the Mission Viejo Library$4,992
Moorpark City Library40-81332012/2013 The Phoenix Project: Reclaiming Moorpark's Local History$5,000
Nevada County Library40-81342012/2013 Play it Forward$4,108
Ontario City Library40-81352012/2013 Life Skills For Teen Moms$5,000
Palo Alto City Library40-81362012/2013 Creating Connections: Teens and Seniors Connect Through Technology$4,984
Pasadena Public Library40-81372012/2013 We the PPL: Collecting, Preserving and Sharing Community Stories in Pasadena$4,934
Placer County Library40-81382012/2013 Building a Bridge: Library Services for Latinos in Placer County$5,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-81392012/2013 Portal to the Future: Organizational Storytelling$10,000
Riverside County Library System40-81402012/2013 Life Skills for Teens: Life Doesn't Come With an Instruction Manual$5,000
San Diego County Library40-81412012/2013 Listening in @ San Diego County Library$5,000
San Diego Public Library40-81422012/2013 Operation Job-Ready: Employment Help for Young Adults$5,000
San Francisco Public Library40-81432012/2013 Library POSTS: Library Pop-up Outreach Structures for Tenderloin Services$10,000
San Mateo County Library40-81442012/2013 Wellness Stop for Teens$4,930
San Rafael Public Library40-81452012/2013 Middle School Lounge$5,000
Sunnyvale Public Library40-81462012/2013 Learning Together: An Interactive Program for Parents and their School Aged Children$5,000
Ventura County Law Library40-81472012/2013 Lawyers at the Library$5,000
Yolo County Library40-81482012/2013 Yolo County Nonprofit Leaders Alliance$10,000
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-81492012/2013 Staff Innovation Fund - A Statewide Pilot$167,090
Burlingame Public Library40-81502012/2013 Burlingame Digital History Project$4,926
Santa Cruz Public Libraries40-81512012/2013 SoundSwell: Santa Cruz Public Libraries Local Music Project$5,000
Escondido Public Library40-81522012/2013 Pop up Podcast: Mobile Teen Programming Unit$5,000
Placer County Library40-81532012/2013 The Placer Plan$5,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-81542012/2013 Teen Digital Literacy for YA Librarians$27,582
Southern California Library Cooperative40-81552012/2013 Outcomes-Based Planning and Evaluation for Library Managers$22,000
Califa Group40-81562012/2013 Early Learning: Play & Learn Islands$339,741
Pacific Library Partnership40-81572012/2013 Grantsmanship Center Training for Libraries and their Communities$56,650
The Regents of the University of California40-81582012/2013 The California Digital Newspaper Collection - Year 6$48,039
Alameda County Law Library40-81592012/2013 Improving Access to Legal Information in Eastern Alameda County$20,000
Alpine County Library/Archives40-81602012/2013 The Alpine Digital Bridge$18,500
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-81612012/2013 Restructuring Contributions in a Shared ILS Environment$40,000
Butte County Library40-81622012/2013 Bringing Reference to Life$13,900
Colton Public Library40-81632012/2013 Career Path Project$25,000
Contra Costa County Library40-81642012/2013 Discover & Go, California!$84,000
El Dorado County Library40-81652012/2013 Beyond School Resource Center and Early Literacy Support Project$17,000
Fullerton Public Library40-81662012/2013 eLit @ FPL: Create, Curate and Discover$6,000
Inland Library System40-81672012/2013 Career Vision 2013 - Creating Workforce Development Within the Inland Library System$40,000
Mendocino County Library40-81682012/2013 Steampunk Series$13,800
Merced County Library40-81692012/2013 Books to Movies - Saturday Afternoons at the Library$5,000
Monterey Public Library40-81702012/2013 CALL ME (Community and Library Liaisons - Monterey Energized)$5,500
Mountain View Public Library40-81712012/2013 READ Quest: Turning Children and Parents onto Literature$8,200
Nevada County Library40-81722012/2013 Tablets, eReaders, and Emerging Technologies for Public and Staff Training$25,500
Oakland Public Library40-81732012/2013 Growing Readers$8,000
Palo Alto City Library40-81742012/2013 Teen Mobile Makerspace$67,500
Palos Verdes Library District40-81752012/2013 Delivering Digital and Information Literacy to Teachers$16,400
Riverside Public Library40-81762012/2013 Dollars and Sense @ RPL$27,700
Sacramento Public Library40-81772012/2013 Makerspace-In-A-Box$77,550
San José Public Library40-81782012/2013 Inclusive Services Online Training$29,373
San Leandro Public Library40-81792012/2013 The Millennials Initiative$15,000
San Luis Obispo City-County Library40-81802012/2013 Increasing Community Connections at SLO County Libraries$17,500
Santa Barbara Public Library40-81812012/2013 Fabulous Fridays: Promoting Early Childhood Development and Pre-Literacy Skills$12,000
Santa Clara City Library40-81822012/2013 Discover Santa Clara$40,000
Sierra Madre Public Library40-81832012/2013 Sierra Madre Stories & Treasures$50,800
South San Francisco Public Library40-81842012/2013 Interactive Workshops$7,500
St. Helena Public Library40-81852012/2013 Bilingual Cross-Organizational Aggregate Events Calendar$20,000
Sunnyvale Public Library40-81862012/2013 Printing Old and New$13,500
Torrance Public Library40-81872012/2013 Library Spots in Public Parks$3,900
Upland Public Library40-81882012/2013 Food For Thought$10,000
Whittier Public Library40-81892012/2013 Whittier Digital Storytelling$30,000
Califa Group40-81902012/2013 Print Disabled Media California$110,000
Yolo County Library40-81912012/2013 Youth Development Institute$60,000
Orange County Public Libraries40-81922012/2013 Play, Sing & Read!$50,000
Tehama County Library40-81932012/2013 Project Storyhour Boxes$16,000
Willows Public Library40-81942012/2013 Family Success Through Literacy$23,049
Santa Ana Public Library40-81952012/2013 The Santa Ana Civic Archive: Connecting Future Leaders to their Community's Civic Past$59,100
Califa Group40-81962012/2013 Digitizing High Value Content Inside California's Libraries$138,600
Califa Group40-81972012/2013 Books4U$1,707,500
Hemet Public Library40-82502013/2014 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$3,400Final Report
Kings County Library40-82512013/2014 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$8,000Final Report
San Anselmo Public Library40-82522013/2014 Out-of-School-Time (OST) Online Homework Help Program$1,000Final Report
Fresno County Public Library40-82532013/2014 Learn. Enrich. Achieve. Play. LEAP Center.$50,000Final Report
Library Foundation of Los Angeles40-82542013/2014 Full STEAM Ahead: A Year of Engaging After-School Programming for Kids$77,000Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-82552013/2014 Digital Literacy Evaluation Project$90,892Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-82562013/2014 IDEA (Innovation and Digital Expression Activity) Lab$95,800Final Report
Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library40-82572013/2014 Libraries For All Strategic Plan$75,000Final Report
Willows Public Library40-82582013/2014 Expanding Family Success through Literacy$31,350Final Report
Califa Group40-82592013/2014 California Library Collaborative Initiatives$571,800Final Report
Califa Group40-82602013/2014 Early Learning Statewide Initiative: Year 1$518,000Final Report
Califa Group40-82612013/2014 Get Involved: Toward Skilled Volunteer Engagement in Public Libraries$94,050Final Report
Califa Group40-82622013/2014 Reinventing the 21st Century Library$110,000Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-82632013/2014 Literacy Initiatives 2013/14$185,940Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-82642013/2014 Networking California Library Resources $225,541Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-82652013/2014 Staff Innovation Fund - Statewide Pilot$136,000Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-82662013/2014 Seguimos Creando Enlaces III: A Baja & Southern California Conference to Expand Library Borders$19,250Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-82672013/2014 Transforming Life After 50: Next Steps$55,000Final Report
California Library Association40-82682013/2014 California Summer Reading Program$76,798Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-82692013/2014 California Preservation Program$386,650Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-82702013/2014 Grantsmanship Center Training for Libraries and their Communities$69,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-82712013/2014 California Center for the Book - Year 15$182,150Final Report
The Regents of the University of California40-82732013/2014 The California Digital Newspaper Collection - Year 7$336,846Final Report
San Benito County Free Library40-82742013/2014 21st Century Technology Training for the Not So Techie$45,000Final Report
Amador County Library40-82752013/2014 Little Libraries$5,000Final Report
Azusa City Library40-82762013/2014 Grassroots ESL$35,500Final Report
Contra Costa County Library40-82772013/2014 Remember & Go$49,000Final Report
Dixon Public Library District40-82782013/2014 Project DIA - Developing Information Autonomy: A Rural Library Initiative$40,000Final Report
El Dorado County Library40-82792013/2014 Learning2Go$90,000Final Report
Folsom Public Library40-82802013/2014 Healthy Folsom: Mind, Body & Earth$18,000Final Report
Huntington Beach Public Library40-82812013/2014 HB Library @ the Beach Pop Up Library$37,000Final Report
Lompoc Public Library40-82822013/2014 First Grade, First Card$6,000Final Report
Merced County Library40-82832013/2014 Friday Night Fun - Reaching Foster Youth$10,250Final Report
Mill Valley Public Library40-82842013/2014 Naked Truth: Connect, Create, Contribute$15,000Final Report
Monterey Public Library40-82852013/2014 21st Century Learning Skills - A Toolkit for School/Public Library Partnerships$5,750Final Report
Ontario City Library40-82862013/2014 La Comunidad$15,000Final Report
Palos Verdes Library District40-82872013/2014 PVLD Pop-Up Library$16,500Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-82882013/2014 Pop-Up RC: Mobile City Services$85,000Final Report
Riverside County Library System40-82892013/2014 Ready to Work$5,000Final Report
Riverside Public Library40-82902013/2014 Staycation Station$31,000Final Report
San José Public Library40-82912013/2014 Access to Learning: Online Training for Adult Literacy Tutors$54,800Final Report
Santa Clara City Library40-82922013/2014 Sustainable U$50,000Final Report
Santa Fe Springs City Library40-82932013/2014 Little Learners @ the Library$14,000Final Report
Shasta Public Libraries40-82942013/2014 Teen Creation Station$12,000Final Report
Sierra Madre Public Library40-82952013/2014 Sierra Madre Teens and Treasures - Teen History Docents$7,500Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-82962013/2014 Reinventing Winefiles: Toward an International Index to Wine Periodicals$40,000Final Report
St. Helena Public Library40-82972013/2014 Bilingual Cross-Organizational Aggregate Events Calendar - Phase Two$33,750Final Report
Upland Public Library40-82982013/2014 Future Force: UPL Staff Tech & Outreach Training$10,000Final Report
Yorba Linda Public Library40-82992013/2014 Yorba Linda Grows: A Seed Lending Library$7,500Final Report
Mission Viejo Library40-83002013/2014 Building Digital Literacy Services and Collections at the Mission Viejo Library$40,000Final Report
Santa Barbara Public Library40-83012013/2014 Apps for All: Sharing Digital Learning Opportunities$17,000Final Report
Tehama County Library40-83022013/2014 Preserving Tehama County Local History Collections$34,650Final Report
Oakland Public Library40-83032013/2014 C.L. Dellums: The Digital Archives of a Labor and Civil Rights Pioneer$10,000Final Report
Palm Springs Public Library40-83042013/2014 Palm Springs Public Library: Accessing the Past$60,000Final Report
Santa Clara County Library40-83052013/2014 Evaluating Effect of Adding Free Ebooks to the Library Catalog$40,000Final Report
Butte County Library40-83062013/2014 Yearn to Learn!$53,000Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-83072013/2014 OC Stories: An Online Digitized History of the County of Orange$35,388Final Report
Califa Group40-83082013/2014 Zip Books for Rural Libraries$299,837Final Report
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-83092013/2014 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,402Final Report
Inland Library System40-83102013/2014 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$17,766Final Report
NorthNet Library System40-83112013/2014 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$57,622Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83122013/2014 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$73,417Final Report
Inland Library System (for Santiago Library System)40-83132013/2014 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$38,218Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-83142013/2014 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$77,134Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-83152013/2014 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$55,776Final Report
Friends of the San Francisco Public Library40-83162013/2014 Revisiting and Restoring the Multimedia History of San Francisco's Last African American Community$60,000Final Report
Karuk Community Development Corporation (KCDC)40-83172013/2014 Aak Utkirihti (He/She is looking into the fire)$60,000Final Report
Kern County Library40-83182013/2014 21st Century Kern: Training for Mobile Devices$6,500Final Report
Kern County Library40-83192013/2014 Kern County Library's Literacy Project: Delano Workforce Tutoring Pilot Program$6,000Final Report
Kern County Library40-83202013/2014 Sensory Development Story Time$6,000Final Report
Kern County Library40-83212013/2014 Teen and Tween Programs to Inspire STEM Learning$6,500Final Report
Napa County Library40-83222013/2014 Creative Writing Program$3,500Final Report
Napa County Library40-83232013/2014 STEM Robotics Workshops$5,750Final Report
Palos Verdes Library District40-83242013/2014 Ebooks for Everyone$6,000Final Report
Palos Verdes Library District40-83252013/2014 Hive (Helpful Individuals Volunteering for Education)$4,000Final Report
Palos Verdes Library District40-83262013/2014 Gardening By The Stacks$4,500Final Report
Pasadena Public Library40-83272013/2014 Born to Read Pasadena$5,500Final Report
Pasadena Public Library40-83282013/2014 Pasadena Grows: Community Seed Lending Library$5,500Final Report
Pasadena Public Library40-83292013/2014 Sensory Story Time$8,000Final Report
Pasadena Public Library40-83302013/2014 Léeme un Cuento (Read Me a Story) $7,500Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-83312013/2014 Coding Camp for Kids: Minecraft Mods$6,000Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-83322013/2014 E-Reader Tutorial Videos$4,000Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-83332013/2014 Introducing the Value of Play and Healthy Nutrition to Sonoma County$4,000Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-83342013/2014 Museum-on-the-Go @ The Library$5,500Final Report
Torrance Public Library40-83352013/2014 Brain Boosting Bags$5,000Final Report
Torrance Public Library40-83362013/2014 Teen Tech-Perts$3,350Final Report
Torrance Public Library40-83372013/2014 The Library is for Everyone: Serving Children with Special Needs$5,000Final Report
Tulare County Free Library40-83382013/2014 My Tulare County$15,500Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83392013/2014 Library Outreach to Veterans Initiative$96,000Final Report
Peninsula Library System40-83402013/2014 Infopeople: Helping Libraries Think Differently$2,046,000Final Report
Califa Group40-83412013/2014 California Reads$90,000Final Report
Califa Group40-83422013/2014 Digitizing High Value Content Inside California's Libraries$139,700Final Report
Califa Group40-83432013/2014 Print Disabled Media California$110,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-83442013/2014 Public Libraries and the Common Core State Standards$11,935Final Report
Sacramento Public Library40-83452013/2014 Get It Done! High School Diplomas for Success: Planning Phase$12,470Final Report
Braille Institute Library Services40-83462013/2014 Technology Enhancement for the Visually Impaired$112,937Final Report
Califa Group40-83472013/2014 Books4U - Common Core$1,355,000Final Report
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-83602014/2015 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$11,152Final Report
Inland Library System40-83612014/2015 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$57,728Final Report
NorthNet Library System40-83622014/2015 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$52,285Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83632014/2015 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$101,322Final Report
Santiago Library System40-83642014/2015 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$79,618Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-83652014/2015 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$48,393Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-83662014/2015 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$79,358Final Report
Califa Group40-83672014/2015 California Reads - Evaluation Project$30,085Final Report
Califa Group40-83682014/2015 California Summer Reading Challenge$130,000Final Report
Califa Group40-83692014/2015 Early Learning With Families Statewide Initiative (ELF 2.0): Year 2$385,999Final Report
Califa Group40-83702014/2015 Get Involved: Sustaining and Expanding Skilled Volunteer Engagement in Public Libraries$95,500Final Report
Califa Group40-83712014/2015 Get it Done! High School Diplomas for Success$132,637Final Report
Califa Group40-83722014/2015 Zip Books for Rural Libraries - Year 2$297,000Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83732014/2015 California Preservation Program$520,740Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83742014/2015 Literacy Initiatives 2014/15$209,750Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83752014/2015 Veterans Connect @ the Library$227,861Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-83762014/2015 Staff Innovation Fund - Statewide Project$168,000Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-83772014/2015 Seguimos Creando Enlaces: Start-up Outreach at YOUR Library$13,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-83782014/2015 California Center for the Book - Year 16$208,904Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-83792014/2015 Community-Based Assessment: A Workshop for Library Managers$14,520Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-83802014/2015 Transforming Life After 50: Reenergized$50,000Final Report
The Regents of The University of California, Riverside40-83812014/2015 The California Digital Newspaper Collection - Year 8$304,486Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83822014/2015 California DPLA Service Hub$211,860Final Report
Library Foundation of Los Angeles40-83832014/2015 Processing the Valley Times Newspaper Collection Photographs at the Los Angeles Public Library$121,000Final Report
Califa Group40-83842014/2015 Reinventing the 21st Century Library$110,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-83852014/2015 Life Skills for Pregnant and Parenting Teen Moms$79,200Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-83862014/2015 Grantsmanship Center Training for Libraries and their Communities$67,100Final Report
Alameda County Library40-83872014/2015 Library in Box$5,000Final Report
Alameda Free Library40-83882014/2015 Bridges of Honor$4,939Final Report
Contra Costa County Library40-83892014/2015 Creative Thursdays at the Walnut Creek Library$5,000Final Report
Contra Costa County Library40-83902014/2015 Music Quest$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-83912014/2015 Castaic Community Summit$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-83922014/2015 Florence Firestone: Stories of Everyday Heroes$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-83932014/2015 Power Poetry for Teens$5,000Final Report
Fresno County Public Library40-83942014/2015 Our Lives Video Project$5,000Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-83952014/2015 Pop-Up & Play$5,000Final Report
Kern County Library40-83962014/2015 Full STEAM Ahead!$5,000Final Report
Los Angeles Public Library40-83972014/2015 Coder Time$4,953Final Report
Los Angeles Public Library40-83982014/2015 Hollywood Meets the Library: Digital Media Skills for Young Adults$5,000Final Report
Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library40-83992014/2015 Growing Readers: Chinese/English Bilingual Early Literacy App$5,000Final Report
Napa County Library40-84002014/2015 Community Spotlight$5,000Final Report
Oakland Public Library40-84012014/2015 Reimagine Oakland$5,000Final Report
Oceanside Public Library40-84022014/2015 Together We Read$5,000Final Report
Pasadena Public Library40-84032014/2015 Play @ PPL$5,000Final Report
Sacramento Public Library40-84042014/2015 Oak Park Library Outpost$5,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-84052014/2015 Dare to Dream: A Professional Development Workshop Series$5,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-84062014/2015 Sa'adah: Finding Happiness and Living Well in the United States$5,000Final Report
Santa Clarita Public Library40-84072014/2015 Homework Help: Parent Edition/Ayuda con Tareas Para Padres$5,000Final Report
Santa Cruz Public Libraries40-84082014/2015 Hands On: Creator Skills for the Future$5,000Final Report
Simi Valley Public Library40-84092014/2015 Extending Literacy Services to Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence$5,000Final Report
Siskiyou County Library40-84102014/2015 Increasing Access for Job Building Skills$4,450Final Report
Solano County Library40-84112014/2015 Plus One Algebra Tutoring$5,000Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-84122014/2015 Seen and Heard: visual Histories of Homelessness in Sonoma County$5,000Final Report
Torrance Public Library40-84132014/2015 GET Project: A Healthier Family Initiative$5,000Final Report
Torrance Public Library40-84142014/2015 Renaissance Tween$5,000Final Report
Tulare County Free Library40-84152014/2015 Stretching the Food Dollar @ Tulare County Library$4,996Final Report
Ventura County Library40-84162014/2015 Mobile Make!$5,000Final Report
Anaheim Public Library40-84172014/2015 Books on the Go!$77,500Final Report
Azusa City Library40-84182014/2015 Inspired Citizenship$50,699Final Report
City of Commerce Public Library40-84192014/2015 PACE$20,000Final Report
Corona Public Library40-84202014/2015 Job Readiness for Young Adults, 16-24$28,200Final Report
Folsom Public Library40-84212014/2015 Serving Folsom's ESL Community$25,000Final Report
Fresno County Public Library40-84222014/2015 Bases Para El Futuro - Foundation for Life$35,000Final Report
Fullerton Public Library40-84232014/2015 Craft, Construct, Create: A Modular Makerspace$21,000Final Report
Irwindale Public Library40-84242014/2015 Kidthink: An Urban STEM Environment$50,000Final Report
Kern County Library40-84252014/2015 Teen-LED (Learn Explore Discover) Lab$35,000Final Report
Madera County Library40-84262014/2015 Giving the Past New Life Through Digitization$66,550Final Report
Mill Valley Public Library40-84272014/2015 SmartGarden at the Mill Valley Public Library$40,000Final Report
Mission Viejo Library40-84282014/2015 The Mobile Mission Viejo Library$21,500Final Report
Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library40-84292014/2015 Teacher in a Tablet$20,000Final Report
Nevada County Library40-84302014/2015 Focus on the Nisenan: A Partnership Between a Native Tribe, the Library, and the Community$37,900Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-84312014/2015 GIS: Bringing Your Data to Life$77,000Final Report
Riverside County Library System40-84322014/2015 FOCUS on Teens$10,500Final Report
Riverside Public Library40-84332014/2015 Neighborhood Strategies: 26 in 26 and the Library as Cornerstone$85,000Final Report
San Leandro Public Library40-84342014/2015 The People's Library$15,500Final Report
San Rafael Public Library40-84352014/2015 EnvisionZing a New Library: Visioning Training for Library Stakeholders$15,800Final Report
Santa Clara City Library40-84362014/2015 Getting Started: The Tools You Need to Succeed in your New Community$35,875Final Report
South San Francisco Public Library40-84372014/2015 We Love Reading$25,500Final Report
Sunnyvale Public Library40-84382014/2015 Bay Area Library ePublishers - BALE$5,300Final Report
Inland Library System40-84392014/2015 Career Vision 2014: Connecting Unemployed Veterans and Housing Authority Clients to Public Library Resources$46,750Final Report
Sacramento Public Library40-84402014/2015 Library Unexpected$55,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-84412014/2015 New Adults @ the Library$20,000Final Report
Friends of the San Francisco Public Library40-84422014/2015 SFPL Robotics League$48,500Final Report
Peninsula Library System40-84432014/2015 Best Summer Ever Learning Camp$115,000Final Report
Santa Barbara Public Library40-84442014/2015 Family Literacy Center: Unified Services to Support Reading Improvement$80,000Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-84452014/2015 Books on Wheels$12,000Final Report
Monterey County Free Libraries40-84462014/2015 Branch Out MCFL$85,000Final Report
Palm Springs Public Library40-84472014/2015 Palm Springs Public Library: Accessing the Past$60,000Final Report
Contra Costa County Library40-84482014/2015 War Ink$100,210Final Report
Lake County Library40-84492014/2015 Increasing Access to Technology in Lake County$35,000Final Report
Glendale Public Library40-84502014/2015 Meeting Customers at Point of Need$12,000Final Report
Colton Public Library40-84512014/2015 Project Connect Mobile Lab$14,000Final Report
Butte County Library40-84522014/2015 Drive for Adult Literacy!$54,500Final Report
Mono County Free Library40-84532014/2015 Mammoth Lakes Library Makerspace$10,000Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-84542014/2015 Mobile Media Lab-rary$110,000Final Report
Califa Group40-84552014/2015 California Library Collaborative Initiatives$445,000Final Report
Califa Group40-84562014/2015 Digitizing High Value Content Inside California's Libraries$135,890Final Report
Califa Group40-84572014/2015 Print Disabled Media California$145,150Final Report
Oakland Public Library40-84582014/2015 Hip Hop Therapy: An Innovative Mental Health Promotion Strategy for Young Men of Color$90,000Final Report
San José Public Library40-84592014/2015 I am San José$95,500Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-84602014/2015 Networking California Library Resources$115,675Final Report
LA County Library40-84612014/2015 College Awareness and Preparedness Program$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-84622014/2015 E-Publishing at the Library$5,400Final Report
LA County Library40-84632014/2015 Junior Science Lecture Series and STEM Lab$4,500Final Report
Long Beach Public Library40-84642014/2015 Take Two Teen Film Festival and Media Literacy Project$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-84652014/2015 Rock n' Roll High School$2,500Final Report
LA County Library40-84662014/2015 Elder Fraud Prevention Workshop$3,380Final Report
El Dorado County Library40-84672014/2015 Full STEAM Ahead! Makerspaces in El Dorado County$8,200Final Report
El Dorado County Library40-84682014/2015 Growing Teens: Community Garden$6,500Final Report
Monterey County Free Libraries40-84692014/2015 Building Selfie-Esteem$6,100Final Report
Monterey County Free Libraries40-84702014/2015 Community Connections through Movies$6,000Final Report
Monterey County Free Libraries40-84712014/2015 Speak Up!$7,250Final Report
Ontario City Library40-84722014/2015 21st Century Skills for Kids$2,500Final Report
Ontario City Library40-84732014/2015 Brain Building Backpacks$3,000Final Report
Ontario City Library40-84742014/2015 FIT (Financial Independence Training) Program$3,000Final Report
Placer County Library40-84752014/2015 Breaking New Ground in Rural Library Service$12,000Final Report
Placer County Library40-84762014/2015 Career Corner$5,000Final Report
Placer County Library40-84772014/2015 Getting Off the Hill with the Foresthill Library$4,000Final Report
Placer County Library40-84782014/2015 Training for Tech Tutors$2,360Final Report
Riverside County Library System40-84792014/2015 Cultural Connections @ Your Library$4,500Final Report
Riverside County Library System40-84802014/2015 E-Reader Training Seminars for Staff$3,364Final Report
Riverside Public Library40-84812014/2015 Community Gardens in Community Libraries$5,000Final Report
Riverside Public Library40-84822014/2015 The American Dream Delayed - A Japanese-American family's Quest for Civil Rights$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-84832014/2015 Computer Literacy en Espanol$2,900Final Report
Monterey County Free Libraries40-84842014/2015 Community to Community College (C2CC)$2,160Final Report
Peninsula Library System40-84852014/2015 Infopeople: Helping Libraries Think Differently$2,094,900Final Report
Yolo County Library40-84862014/2015 Reinventing the 21st Century Library: Projects from Pilot Libraries$5,000Final Report
Braille Institute Library Services40-84872014/2015 Technology Enhancement for the Visually Impaired, Year 2$17,928Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-84882014/2015 21st Century Libraries: Programs in a Box$5,000Final Report
San José Public Library40-84892014/2015 Reinventing the 21st Century Library: Out of the Stacks$5,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-84902014/2015 Outcomes-Based Planning and Evaluation for Library Managers (encore)$42,020Final Report
Alameda Free Library40-85002015/2016 Libraries Outside$2,100Final Report
Altadena Library District40-85012015/2016 DIY Club$30,000Final Report
Arcadia Public Library40-85022015/2016 Special Needs and Inclusive Library Services for Children, Adults and their Caregivers$7,000Final Report
Azusa City Library40-85032015/2016 Neighborhood Connections$30,000Final Report
Burbank Public Library40-85042015/2016 Burbank in Focus$16,000Final Report
Burlingame Public Library40-85052015/2016 Burlingame Public Library W.H.E.E.L.S.$6,900Final Report
Butte County Library40-85062015/2016 Your Mind Matters: Expanding Library Services for Those Living with Mental Illness$25,000Final Report
Calabasas City Library40-85072015/2016 Makerspace Boxes in a Collective$20,000Final Report
Camarena Memorial Public Library40-85082015/2016 Let's get ready to READ!$28,000Final Report
Camarillo Public Library40-85092015/2016 Camarillo Grows: A Community Seed Library and App$13,000Final Report
Contra Costa County Library40-85102015/2016 STEAMbank: Connecting and Tracking Student Participation in Community-Based STEAM Programs$100,000Final Report
LA County Library40-85112015/2016 Adult 101: Life Skills Bootcamp for Teens$75,000Final Report
Folsom Public Library40-85122015/2016 Folsom Library on the Move$49,000Final Report
Fresno County Public Library40-85132015/2016 Ready, Set, Go! Talk, Read & Sing Kits$25,000Final Report
Hemet Public Library40-85142015/2016 Early Learning Center$7,500Final Report
Huntington Beach Public Library40-85152015/2016 Family App Time$21,000Final Report
Inland Library System40-85162015/2016 Pathways to Citizenship @ Your Library$58,100Final Report
Kern County Library40-85172015/2016 Pop-up Goes the Library!$95,000Final Report
Library Foundation of Los Angeles40-85182015/2016 Processing, Preserving & Digitizing the Social Clubs Seen in the Valley Times Newspaper Photographs$50,000Final Report
Mill Valley Public Library40-85192015/2016 MyCast$9,300Final Report
Mono County Free Library40-85202015/2016 Intercambio-Spanish and English Language Exchange Program$15,000Final Report
Nevada County Library40-85212015/2016 Mobile Technology Center: Access to Technology and Learning for a Rural County$51,000Final Report
Ontario City Library40-85222015/2016 KinderGo$20,000Final Report
Palos Verdes Library District40-85232015/2016 R.E.A.D. Activity Kits$8,000Final Report
Riverside County Library System40-85242015/2016 RCLS Studios Pilot Project: Introducing STEM to Teens via 3D Printing$36,500Final Report
San Diego County Library40-85252015/2016 New Adults @ the Library$50,000Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-85262015/2016 Information, Innovation & Incubation Lab (I3)$75,952Final Report
San José Public Library40-85272015/2016 Silicon Valley Employment and Business Collaborative$70,000Final Report
Santa Clara County Library District40-85282015/2016 The Citizenship Action Project$41,000Final Report
Santa Fe Springs City Library40-85292015/2016 Build a Better Bot: STEM Robotics Workshops$15,000Final Report
Santa Monica Public Library40-85302015/2016 Reading-2-Go$15,000Final Report
Shasta Public Libraries40-85312015/2016 Create It! Library$24,300Final Report
Simi Valley Public Library40-85322015/2016 Extending Legal Services to Those Living in Eastern Ventura County$17,000Final Report
South San Francisco Public Library40-85332015/2016 Reading Circles$49,400Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-85342015/2016 Leamos (Let's Read) at the Library$11,055Final Report
Stanislaus County Free Library40-85352015/2016 WIC Pop-Up Library$20,000Final Report
Torrance Public Library40-85362015/2016 Lifelong Learning for Leaders$10,000Final Report
Tulare County Free Library40-85372015/2016 Rural Connectivity$3,500Final Report
Ventura County Library40-85382015/2016 Mobilize for Literacy$81,000Final Report
Yorba Linda Public Library40-85392015/2016 Unplugged: A Music Lending Library$11,000Final Report
Califa Group40-85402015/2016 Cal Humanities Library Planning Project$40,000Final Report
Califa Group40-85412015/2016 California Library Collaborative Initiatives$288,000Final Report
Califa Group40-85422015/2016 Early Learning With Families Statewide Initiative (ELF 2.0): Year 3$684,030Final Report
Califa Group40-85432015/2016 Get Involved: Expanding & Sustaining Skilled Volunteer Engagement in Public Libraries$86,680Final Report
Califa Group40-85442015/2016 Zip Books for Rural Libraries - Year 3$369,050Final Report
California Library Association40-85452015/2016 California Center for the Book Reimagined$160,490Final Report
California Library Association40-85462015/2016 California Summer Reading Challenge 2015-2016$150,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-85472015/2016 My Masterpiece @ the Library$5,000Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-85482015/2016 Literacy Initiatives 2015/16$180,849Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-85492015/2016 Veterans Connect @ the Library$319,051Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-85502015/2016 Staff Innovation Fund - Statewide Project$84,590Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-85512015/2016 Seguimos Creando Enlaces: Start-up Outreach at YOUR Library$10,868Final Report
The Regents of the University of California, Riverside40-85522015/2016 The California Digital Newspaper Collection - Year 9$325,579Final Report
49-99 Cooperative Library System40-85532015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,500Final Report
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-85542015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$9,636Final Report
Inland Library System40-85552015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$66,713Final Report
NorthNet Library System40-85562015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$47,264Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-85572015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$106,073Final Report
San Joaquin Valley Library System40-85582015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,500Final Report
Santiago Library System40-85592015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$67,514Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-85602015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$61,359Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-85612015/2016 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$73,168Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-85622015/2016 Technology TNT for Libraries$42,300Final Report
Califa Group40-85632015/2016 Digitizing High Value Content: San Francisco Public Library$74,327Final Report
San José Public Library40-85642015/2016 I Am San José - Continuation$56,015Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-85652015/2016 STeP: Skills for Teen Parents, Year 2$137,251Final Report
Palm Springs Public Library40-85662015/2016 Palm Springs Public Library: Accessing the Past$54,000Final Report
Burlingame Public Library40-85672015/2016 Me, You, We, Community Podcast$4,998Final Report
Carlsbad City Library40-85682015/2016 MOVE: Mind, Body, Spirit$5,000Final Report
Contra Costa County Library40-85692015/2016 Culture, Community and Connections$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-85702015/2016 Bellflower BIZ (Business Incubation Zone)$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-85712015/2016 College: The Guided Tour$5,000Final Report
LA County Library40-85722015/2016 Life Ladders @ The Library: Helping Foster Youth Become Successful Adults$5,000Final Report
Fresno County Public Library40-85732015/2016 Science Explorers$5,000Final Report
Inglewood Public Library40-85742015/2016 Inglewood Computer Skills Cooperative$5,000Final Report
Livermore Public Library40-85752015/2016 Teen Community Initiative$5,000Final Report
Los Angeles Public Library40-85762015/2016 Uke Can Do It: Ukuleles at the Wilmington Branch Library$4,990Final Report
Marin County Free Library40-85772015/2016 Digital and Research Literacy Library User Guide$4,983Final Report
Marin County Free Library40-85782015/2016 Language Play$5,000Final Report
California Library Association40-85792015/2016 California Summer Reading Challenge Software Development Project$75,000Final Report
Napa County Library40-85802015/2016 Start Here: New Americans$5,000Final Report
Oakland Public Library40-85812015/2016 Make it @ Your Library$5,000Final Report
Ontario City Library40-85822015/2016 TCaP - Teens, College and Preparedness$5,000Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-85832015/2016 Salud y Sabor en Su Cocina/Health and Flavor in Your Kitchen$5,000Final Report
Pasadena Public Library40-85842015/2016 G.R.O.W. Getting Rid of Worries: Increasing Life Skills of Families in Homeless Shelters$4,740Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-85852015/2016 STEM Education: Merging School Curriculum and Library Resources$5,000Final Report
Rancho Mirage Public Library40-85862015/2016 BookDrive$5,000
San Diego Public Library40-85872015/2016 Jammin' @ the Library$10,000Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-85882015/2016 Play Together, Learn Together: Using Play to Support Early Learning$5,000Final Report
San José Public Library40-85892015/2016 Life Skills Academy$5,000Final Report
San José Public Library40-85902015/2016 Science at Seven Trees$4,983Final Report
Santa Clara County Library District40-85912015/2016 Bridge to College$5,000Final Report
Santa Clara County Library District40-85922015/2016 Community Connections: Special Needs and Libraries$4,972Final Report
Santa Monica Public Library40-85932015/2016 Second Chances Learning Program$10,000Final Report
Solano County Library40-85942015/2016 Play to Learn$5,000Final Report
Sunnyvale Public Library40-85952015/2016 Pass It On: An Intergenerational Sewing Project$5,000Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-85962015/2016 21st Century Skills: Creating a Solid Workforce in the Library and Beyond$5,500Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-85972015/2016 Computerized Homework Help$5,000Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-85982015/2016 Grow with STEM$8,000Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-85992015/2016 Manejando Su Exito/Driving Your Success$6,750Final Report
Orange County Public Libraries40-86002015/2016 Sensory Storytime on the Spectrum$5,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-86012015/2016 Campesino Comp Project$4,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-86022015/2016 Digital Design Workshops and 3D Printing Access$4,500Final Report
San Diego County Library40-86032015/2016 G.A.M.E.R.S.$4,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-86042015/2016 Play @ Your Library$5,200Final Report
San Diego County Library40-86052015/2016 Smart Gardening In Tough Times$4,000Final Report
San Diego County Library40-86062015/2016 STEAM at SDCL: Engaging Children and Empowering Caregivers$6,500Final Report
Stanislaus County Free Library40-86072015/2016 On the Road to Citizenship$3,250Final Report
Stanislaus County Free Library40-86082015/2016 Stanislaus Memory Project$5,000Final Report
Stanislaus County Free Library40-86092015/2016 Steaming into the Future$5,000Final Report
Stanislaus County Free Library40-86102015/2016 Video Tutorial Extravaganza$4,300Final Report
Woodland Public Library40-86112015/2016 Books to Inspire Kids Everywhere (BIKE)$12,300Final Report
Woodland Public Library40-86122015/2016 Commit2Fit: Wellness$6,100Final Report
Yolo County Library40-86132015/2016 BACK-PREP: Pathway to Higher Education$6,500Final Report
Yolo County Library40-86142015/2016 DIY (Discover It Yourself) History$10,000Final Report
Palos Verdes Library District40-86152015/2016 Your Story is the Peninsula's Story (YSPS)$5,000Final Report
Califa Group40-86162015/2016 Infopeople: Helping Libraries Think Differently$1,434,992Final Report
Califa Group40-86172015/2016 Eureka! Leadership Program$382,250Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86182015/2016 California Audiovisual Preservation Project$308,440Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86192015/2016 California Preservation Program$186,384Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86202015/2016 California Library Metrics$83,600Final Report
Califa Group40-86212015/2016 Planning for California DPLA Service Hub Collaborative$35,150Final Report
Califa Group40-86222015/2016 Career Online High School Initiative$148,500Final Report
Califa Group40-86232015/2016 California Libraries Turn Outward$200,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-86242015/2016 Thinkabit Lab$38,500Final Report
Inland Library System40-86252015/2016 Active Shooter Response Training$27,417Final Report
Califa Group40-86262015/2016 Finding Your California: Planning Phase$432,905Final Report
University Enterprises, Inc. 40-86272015/2016 Preserving the Political Record: California Legislator Histories$89,298Final Report
The Regents of the University of California40-86282015/2016 Harvesting California's Bounty, Phase I$73,321Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-86292015/2016 Southern California Harwood Public Innovators Lab $185,900Final Report
49-99 Cooperative Library System40-86502016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,500Final Report
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-86512016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$11,558Final Report
Inland Library System40-86522016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$42,354Final Report
NorthNet Library System40-86532016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$48,245Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86542016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$95,268Final Report
San Joaquin Valley Library System40-86552016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$22,000Final Report
Santiago Library System40-86562016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$70,653Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-86572016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$37,642Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-86582016/2017 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$77,872Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86592016/2017 California Audiovisual Preservation Project$308,440Final Report
California Library Association40-86602016/2017 California Center for the Book$99,990Final Report
Califa Group40-86612016/2017 California Library Collaborative Initiatives$207,000Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86622016/2017 California Library Metrics$137,940Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86632016/2017 California Preservation Program$186,384Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86642016/2017 California Rural Library Initiative$65,725Final Report
California Library Association40-86652016/2017 California Summer Reading Challenge 2016-2017$200,000Final Report
Califa Group40-86662016/2017 Early Learning With Families Statewide Initiative (ELF 2.0): Year 4$400,532Final Report
Califa Group40-86672016/2017 Get Involved: Expanding & Sustaining Skilled Volunteer Engagement in Public Libraries$52,690Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86682016/2017 Literacy Initiatives$220,000Final Report
Serra Cooperative Library System40-86692016/2017 Seguimos Creando Enlaces: Preserving the Past While Welcoming Our Future$12,914Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-86702016/2017 Technology TNT for Libraries: Year 2$40,000Final Report
The Regents of the University of California - Riverside40-86712016/2017 The California Digital Newspaper Collection - Year 10$316,149Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-86722016/2017 Thinkabit for All$29,948Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86732016/2017 Veterans Connect @ the Library$403,315Final Report
Califa Group40-86742016/2017 Zip Books for Rural Libraries - Year 4$350,000Final Report
Altadena Library District40-86752016/2017 Water Wise - Drought Tolerant Garden Project$13,500Final Report
Buena Park Library District40-86762016/2017 Wiggle, Read, & Explore$5,000Final Report
City of Downey Library40-86772016/2017 Digital Inclusion for Downey$65,030Final Report
City of Imperial Public Library40-86782016/2017 Money Matters $15,700Final Report
Corona Public Library40-86792016/2017 Teens in the Zone$42,573Final Report
County of El Dorado County Library40-86802016/2017 Digital Students$26,206Final Report
County of Fresno County Library40-86812016/2017 Digibus Mobile Classroom$89,386Final Report
LA County Library40-86822016/2017 Compton Turns the Tables: The DJ Lab$75,000Final Report
Mariposa County Friends of the Library40-86832016/2017 Green STEAM$14,000Final Report
Kern County Library40-86842016/2017 We Tech So You Tick$75,000Final Report
Marin County Free Library40-86852016/2017 Brain Building In Marin County$25,038Final Report
NorthNet Library System40-86862016/2017 Community Engagement & Facilitation Skills for NLS and PLP Libraries$100,000Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-86872016/2017 Student Success Initiative$50,000Final Report
Palos Verdes Library District40-86882016/2017 College- Prep Research Boot Camp$27,000Final Report
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library40-86892016/2017 Cooking with STEAM$70,000Final Report
Redwood City Public Library40-86902016/2017 PULL-ooza: Pop-Up Library Learning$43,239Final Report
Riverside County Library System40-86912016/2017 Scratch and Story Studios: Introducing Children to STEAM with Coding and Digital Storytelling$15,824Final Report
Sacramento Public Library40-86922016/2017 Gaming, Casting, and Making in the Delta$19,610Final Report
San Diego County Library40-86932016/2017 Kindergarten Gear Up$35,000Final Report
Santa Maria Public Library40-86942016/2017 STEAM for Preschoolers: Let's Blow off Some STEAM$5,000Final Report
Simi Valley Public Library40-86952016/2017 Start Up at the Library$20,000Final Report
Sonoma County Library40-86962016/2017 Healthy Living @ Your Library$30,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-86972016/2017 Leamos @ the Library Project Expansion$16,720Final Report
Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library40-86982016/2017 Path to the Future$10,000Final Report
The Regents of the University of California - CDL40-86992016/2017 California State Government Agency Web Archive$26,992Final Report
Whittier Public Library40-87002016/2017 Whittier Public Library Pop-Up$43,500Final Report
Woodland Public Library40-87012016/2017 745.5 Square One maker Space + Community Learning Lab$30,000Final Report
Yolo County Library40-87022016/2017 Books By Mail$8,050Final Report
Yorba Linda Public Library40-87032016/2017 Healthy U $15,000Final Report
Califa Group40-87042016/2017 Infopeople: Helping Libraries Think Differently$870,863Final Report
Califa Group40-87052016/2017 Creating a Vision of Greatness for California Library Leadership Development$249,614Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-87062016/2017 Mental Health Initiative$997,676Final Report
Solano County Library40-87072016/2017 Reading Buddies$34,400Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative40-87082016/2017 California Public Innovators: Coaching and Evaluation$172,425Final Report
The Regents of the University of California - CDL40-87092016/2017 Harvesting California's Bounty, Phase II$163,320Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership40-87102016/2017 Networking California Library Resources$418,221Final Report
Mission Viejo Public Library40-87112016/2017 College Considerations You May Not Have Considered$7,000Final Report
Mission Viejo Public Library40-87122016/2017 Early Development Support for Working Families$6,500Final Report
Mission Viejo Public Library40-87132016/2017 Local History Digital Scanning Day; Preservation of Photos and Documents$5,022Final Report
Mission Viejo Public Library40-87142016/2017 Pop-Up MakerSpace$9,200Final Report
Mission Viejo Public Library40-87152016/2017 The Library Works for Seniors$5,500Final Report
Redwood City Public Library40-87162016/2017 Build a Comic$9,200Final Report
Redwood City Public Library40-87172016/2017 Meet your Neighbors at the Library$7,035Final Report
Redwood City Public Library40-87182016/2017 Our Community Now and Then$10,500Final Report
Redwood City Public Library40-87192016/2017 Science and Nature Program for Children$10,000Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-87202016/2017 Bicycle Tool Library AKA "Bike Kitchen"$7,500Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-87212016/2017 Fostering Big Growth in Our Youngest Citizens $5,195Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-87222016/2017 It is a Job to Get a Job Workshop$7,140Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-87232016/2017 New Horizons: Military Families and Public Library$5,000Final Report
San Diego Public Library40-87242016/2017 Pursuing the Spark: Moving Inventors and Creators Forward$5,000Final Report
Southern California Library Cooperative 40-87252016/2017 California Immigrant Alliance Phase 1 $143,000Final Report
Califa Group 40-87262016/2017 California Revealed-Phase II $231,000Final Report
Califa Group 40-87272016/2017 VR Technology for California Public Libraries$180,400Final Report
Open California 40-87282016/2017 California Stories: Oral History in the Digital Age $59,329Final Report
Pacific Library Partnership 40-87292016/2017 California Immigrant Alliance Phase II $632,973Final Report
California Library Association40-87502017/2018 California Center for the Book$110,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-87512017/2018 California Preservation Program$194,524
Califa Group40-87522017/2018 California Revealed - Phase III$1,299,210
Califa Group40-87532017/2018 Early Learning with Families (ELF): Year 5$203,885
California Library Association40-87542017/2018 Establishing a Framework for Leadership Development in California Libraries$93,643
Califa Group40-87552017/2018 Get Involved: Sustaining Skilled Volunteer Engagement in Public Libraries$30,365
Southern California Library Cooperative40-87562017/2018 Harwood Public Innovation for California's Public Libraries 2017-2018$149,982
Southern California Library Cooperative40-87572017/2018 Maximizing Learning Spaces or How to MacGyver Your Library$309,980
Southern California Library Cooperative40-87582017/2018 Mental Health Initiative$350,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-87592017/2018 Rural Initiative: California Rural & Tribal Libraries$90,838
Serra Cooperative Library System40-87602017/2018 Seguimos Creandos Enlaces: A Baja & Southern California Conference to Expand Library Borders$15,158
Pacific Library Partnership40-87612017/2018 Statewide Student Success Initiative$141,053
California Library Association40-87622017/2018 Summer @ Your Library: Explore, Learn, Read, Connect$247,654
Pacific Library Partnership40-87632017/2018 Veterans Connect @ the Library$328,706
Chula Vista Public Library40-87642017/2018 Full STEAM Ahead$34,012
Pacific Library Partnership40-87652017/2018 Networking California Library Resources$254,436
Azusa City Library40-87662017/2018 Neighborhood Connections Toolkit$15,500
Benicia Public Library40-87672017/2018 1000 Books Before Kindergarten$12,572
Braille Institute of America Inc.40-87682017/2018 Braille Literacy for the Next Century$25,355
City of Glendale Library, Arts & Culture40-87692017/2018 Craft + Tech MakerSpace Residency$50,000
City of Pasadena Library40-87702017/2018 STEAM 18$100,000
Contra Costa County Library40-87712017/2018 The Idea Box: Kid-Powered Library Programming$16,000
LA County Library40-87722017/2018 The Reading Machine: Spark Your Imagination$50,000
The Regents of the University of California, California Digital Library (CDL)40-87732017/2018 Harvesting California's Bounty$142,706
Mill Valley Public Library40-87742017/2018 Building History in 3D$22,393
Monterey County Free Libraries40-87752017/2018 Worth a Thousand Words: Graphic Novels and Adult Literacy$5,600
Napa County Library40-87762017/2018 Bike Branch$15,000
Nevada County Library40-87772017/2018 Technology Lending Library$76,700
Oakland Public Library40-87782017/2018 Healthy Cooking with the Library$15,000
Oceanside Public Library40-87792017/2018 STEAM Summer Enrichment Program Series$20,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-87802017/2018 News Literacy Resource Toolkit$50,000
Palos Verdes Library District40-87812017/2018 Boomers & Beyond: Aging Well @ PVLD$20,000
Palos Verdes Peninsula USD 40-87822017/2018 Wellness Aware @ Your Library$20,750
Riverside County Library System40-87832017/2018 RivCo Maker in Motion$55,000
Sacramento Public Library40-87842017/2018 Read Together Kits: Bringing Diverse Literature Home$40,000
San Jose Public Library40-87852017/2018 Wee Play San Jose: Wee Read!$100,000
San Mateo County Library40-87862017/2018 Community Conversations$22,100
Santa Ana Public Library40-87872017/2018 Youth Know: Community Social Innovation Project$65,800
Santa Fe Springs City Library40-87882017/2018 Tech To Go$51,000
Sierra Madre Public Library40-87892017/2018 STEAM for Adults: Why should kids have all the fun?$23,286
Sonoma County Library40-87902017/2018 Together at the Table$25,000
South San Francisco Public Library40-87912017/2018 Voices of Our Community$29,000
Whittier Public Library40-87932017/2018 Connecting Communities Through Digital Storytelling$43,000
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-87942017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$6,050
Inland Library System40-87952017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$38,828
NorthNet Library System40-87962017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$49,566
Pacific Library Partnership40-87972017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$108,174
San Joaquin Valley Library System40-87982017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$17,257
Santiago Library System40-87992017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$35,178
Serra Cooperative Library System40-88002017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$59,682
Southern California Library Cooperative40-88012017/2018 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$88,881
Califa Group40-88022017/2018 Expanding Reading Selections for Californians with Print Disabilities, Phase I$22,550
Califa Group40-88032017/2018 Zip Books for Rural Libraries - Year 5$349,800
Pacific Library Partnership40-88042017/2018 Literacy Initiatives 2017/18$213,455
Califa Group40-88052017/2018 Career Online High School Portal$66,000
Califa Group40-88062017/2018 California Library Collaborative Initiatives$646,000
The Regents of the University of California, Riverside40-88072017/2018 The California Digital Newspaper Collection$325,179
Pacific Library Partnership40-88082017/2018 California Library Metrics$207,738
Califa Group40-88092017/2018 Infopeople$398,948
Beaumont Library District40-88102017/2018 Outreach Program for the Underserved in Fairway Canyon & Beyond$35,000
Pacific Library Partnership 40-88122017/2018 California Statewide Initiatives Book Project $536,250
California Library Association40-88302018/2019 California Center for the Book$144,650
Pacific Library Partnership40-88312018/2019 California Preservation Program$203,724
Califa Group40-88322018/2019 California Revealed - Phase IV$1,496,132
Califa Group40-88332018/2019 Creating Sustainable Virtual and Augmented Reality Library Communities$192,500
California Library Association40-88342018/2019 Developing Leaders in California Libraries$164,800
Califa Group40-88352018/2019 Early Learning with Families (ELF): 2018/19$467,970
Califa Group40-88362018/2019 Expanding Reading Selections for Californians with Print Disabilities, Phase II$19,250
Califa Group40-88372018/2019 Get Involved: Sustaining Skilled Volunteer Engagement in Public Libraries$33,110
The Regents of the University of California - CDL40-88382018/2019 Harvesting California's Bounty, Phase IV$148,413
Southern California Library Cooperative40-88392018/2019 Harwood Public Innovation for California's Public Libraries 2018-19$153,450
Pacific Library Partnership40-88402018/2019 Literacy Initiatives 2018-2019$286,085
Southern California Library Cooperative40-88412018/2019 Maximizing Learning Spaces or How to MacGyver Your Library$300,000
Southern California Library Cooperative40-88422018/2019 Mental Health Initiative$1,000,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-88432018/2019 Rural Initiative: California Rural & Tribal Libraries$111,353
Serra Cooperative Library System40-88442018/2019 Seguimos Creando Enlaces: A Baja & Southern California Conference to Expand Library Borders$41,910
Pacific Library Partnership40-88452018/2019 Statewide Student Success Initiative$149,674
California Library Association40-88462018/2019 Summer @ Your Library: Explore, Learn, Read, Connect$335,000
The Regents of the University of California - CDL40-88472018/2019 Toward a National Archival Finding Aid Network: Planning Phase$74,836
Pacific Library Partnership40-88482018/2019 Veterans Connect @ the Library$300,000
Nevada Joint Union High School District40-88492018/2019 Bear River Library Connected Creators Proposal$100,000
Blanchard Community Library40-88502018/2019 Laptops on the Fly$46,000
Buena Park Library District40-88512018/2019 Visions of Buena Park: Past, Present, and Future$16,608
Chula Vista Public Library40-88522018/2019 VREx: Connecting the Community through Virtual Reality$15,000
Colton Public Library40-88532018/2019 Project: Teen S.T.E.A.M$30,000
County of Fresno County Public Library40-88542018/2019 Sit and Be Fit at the Library: Rotating Resources$34,371
Library Foundation of Los Angeles40-88552018/2019 Uke Can Do It: Ukuleles at the Los Angeles Public Library $29,495
Long Beach Public Library40-88562018/2019 Khmer-Language Materials Cataloging Project$73,842
Mendocino County Library40-88572018/2019 Library with No Walls, Mendocino County Outreach Unit$100,000
Mission Viejo Public Library 40-88582018/2019 Mission Viejo Kinder-Ready!$48,500
Orange County Public Libraries 40-88592018/2019 Eat, Move, Grow: Healthy Living$32,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-88602018/2019 Cybersecurity Training for Teens Using Minecraft$44,555
Richmond Public Library40-88612018/2019 Promoting Adult Continuing Education (PACE) 4 the Workplace$50,000
Riverside Community College Library40-88622018/2019 Career Vision$24,562
Riverside County Library System40-88632018/2019 STEAMERs: Learning with STEAM Programs for Early Readers$35,000
Sacramento Public Library40-88642018/2019 Mobile Services Reinvented$80,308
San Anselmo Public Library40-88652018/2019 Main Reading Room Technology Project$25,000
San Diego County Library40-88662018/2019 Rural Arts Project$46,700
Santa Barbara Public Library40-88672018/2019 SBPL Works! for Post Disaster Economic Outreach$70,000
Santa Clara County Library40-88682018/2019 Rise Up: A Program for At-Risk Youth$48,000
University of California, San Francisco40-88692018/2019 No More Silence - Opening the Data of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic$99,325
Ventura County Library40-88702018/2019 Library On the Go!: Bookmobile$100,000
Yolo County Library40-88712018/2019 Beginning Life Skills ESL Class for Caregivers in Rural Communities$20,000
Yorba Linda Public Library40-88722018/2019 Unplugged Amped Up$17,000
49-99 Cooperative Library System40-88732018/2019 Collaborative Connections$150,000
Butte County Library40-88742018/2019 Libraries Helping Immigrants$93,654
Library Foundation of Los Angeles40-88752018/2019 The People's Science Project @ Your Library$110,580
NorthNet Library System40-88762018/2019 Career Visioning for New Adults in Rural California$110,000
San Mateo County Library40-88772018/2019 Focus on Inclusion and Accessibility in Bay Area Libraries $250,000
University of Southern California Libraries40-88782018/2019 L.A. as Subject: The Southern California Community History Access Project$114,650
Black Gold Cooperative Library System40-88792018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$4,171
Inland Library System40-88802018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,500
NorthNet Library System40-88812018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$11,000
Pacific Library Partnership40-88822018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$20,145
San Joaquin Valley Library System40-88832018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,500
Santiago Library System40-88842018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$11,000
Serra Cooperative Library System40-88852018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$20,907
Southern California Library Cooperative40-88862018/2019 Public Library Staff Education Program (PLSEP)$5,500
Califa Group40-88872018/2019 California Library Collaborative Initiatives$786,500
Pacific Library Partnership40-88882018/2019 California Library Metrics$520,300
Pacific Library Partnership40-88892018/2019 Networking California Library Resources$465,980