Previous FDLP Disposal List Offers

As processing the disposal list offers can be extremely time- and energy-consuming, we ask that you first check your offers against those that have already been offered in the past. This will expedite the processing of lists on our end, and it will allow you to dispose of unneeded materials quicker.

This list contains only three fields–SuDoc, year or issue, and title–compiled from lists submitted from various depositories over the past few years. Considering the various formats and eccentricities of the lists submitted, we have simplified and minimally corrected information to create a simple, searchable list that you should compare your submissions against before offering them to the California State Library. If you find an item on this list that you were going to offer, please do not offer it to CSL, but offer it on CalDoc-L as you would with other offers not claimed by CSL.

This list will be updated periodically to remain current and usable, so please check to see you are comparing potential offers to the most current list:

Previous FDLP Disposal List Offers (Excel)