CSL Online Exhibits: Gold Rush Poster

The goal of the exhibit is many fold: provide an overview of the Gold Rush, emphasize the strength of the Library's collection, and incorporate items that will simultaneously delight, surprise, and inform. In creating this exhibit, the varieties and richness of the material proved to be both a joy and challenge.

CSL Online Exhibits: Library & Courts Building, 1926

The Library & Courts Building located at 914 Capitol Mall is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in State Government. Its entrance lobby is unsurpassed and the building features three murals and a variety of attractive decorative features. On May 24, 1984, the Library & Courts Building was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

Two Miners. Most who came to the California goldfields were young, male, unattached and seeking riches and adventure. Most failed in the pursuit, but they fondly remembered the experience the rest of their lives.'Two Miners,' daguerreotype, c. 1850. Source: California State Library.

These images from the State Library's collection reflect the wide range of pioneers, dreamers and schemers who headed west to seek their fortune in the 1849 Gold Rush.


Our state's governors lead the largest state in the union and their political influence reaches beyond the borders of the state. This gallery provides a brief glimpse into the rich political and personal life of each governor.

First Ladies

First Ladies have always played an important role in the service of California citizens, balancing the demanding responsibilities of their prestigious position while enduring hardships, tragedies, and the daily difficulties of life and a family. This gallery provides a small glimpse into the lives of these courageous women.

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