Pedigree Chart Creator

Welcome to the California State Library Pedigree Chart Creator page.

Here you can create a pedigree chart also referred to as a Four-Generation Chart.


Gather details about the person you are creating the chart for, including:

  • Names of each parent, grandparent, and great grandparent
  • Birth and death dates
  • Birth and death places
  • Marriage dates and places

If you do not have all the information described above, you can still create a chart!

  1. Our interactive form asks a series of questions about each generation.
  2. The first question asks "Who is this pedigree chart for?"
  3. The following questions ask if you want to include information about additional generations (Select Yes or No), up to a total of four generations.
    Click Next to continue. Click Previous to go back.
    You can skip generations as you wish.
  4. Enter information about each particular generation (parents, grandparents, great grandparents).
  5. The last option is to "Create your pedigree chart" or "Start over."
  6. By clicking "Create your pedigree chart," a dialog box (Firefox and Internet Explorer) will prompt you to save this keepsake chart to your computer flash drive or hard drive. (Chrome automatically saves the file)
  7. To get started, click "Start" below.

* The California State Library does not save the information inputted in this form.

As an alternative to our interactive form to create your pedigree chart, we also have a fillable pedigree chart in PDF format for you to download and use at a later time.

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