Happy New Year! We can’t believe that 2019 passed so quickly! In honor of the new decade, please consider making it your New Year’s resolution to visit your library more often! (It’s an easy resolution to keep). Now, on to our recognitions. For the start of 2020, we are honoring San Mateo County and Redwood City as this month’s city and county of the month and we’re continuing to draw attention to our research guide to Art and Artists of California of California. We have also put up a new section display celebrating all things American Football. Please feel free to drop by the History Section and check it out!

  City of the Month

Do you love the history of industry, ships and trains? Then check out our latest city of the month, Redwood City!

  County of the Month

Do you love redwoods, lighthouses, historic ranchos and the coast? Then check out our County of the Month, San Mateo!

Are you looking for a new book or poem to read? In addition to recognizing local organizations and governments, we at the California history section, love to recognize the authors and poets whose works are in the collection! Check out our Book of the Week and Haiku of the Week to see who and what we’ve featured most recently!

  Haiku of the Week

  Book of the Week