Mission and Values

A girl visiting library


The California State Library empowers the people of the nation's most diverse and populous state by:

  • Providing credible information services to all Californians, especially those in state government and the Legislature, libraries, academia, and persons with disabilities;
  • Leading and establishing partnerships with California libraries through funding, program development, and support;
  • Preserving and providing access to California’s unique history to enrich the lives of current and future generations.


The California State Library: A leader, innovator, champion, and important source of trusted information to Californians and their libraries.


Integrity: Motivated by fairness, honesty, respect, and the value of each person and their work.

Excellence: Committed to reliable, high-quality services delivered by skilled and trusted staff.

Equitable Access: Connecting all people and institutions to the information and resources they need.

Leadership: Strengthening California libraries by fostering innovation, offering guidance, and providing support.