Public Library Staff Education Program

About the Program

PLSEP is a tuition reimbursement program developed by the California State Library that has assisted California public and county law libraries with staff professional development for twenty-one years.

Public Library Staff Education Program 2018/19

New students will not be funded this year to allow time for the State Library to evaluate the program, seek input from California Libraries and align the program to our California Library Services and Technology Act 2018-2022 Investment Plan. Continuing students who have participated in the PLSEP program for two to four years are eligible to apply. Students must be currently working in a California public or county law library, be enrolled in a master's degree program in library and information science from an American Library Association accredited program, be in good standing, and have participated in PLSEP in 2017/18 and one or more of the following years: 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17. PLSEP funds can only be used for tuition reimbursement and are administered by the California Cooperative Library Systems. This is a competitive program; a professional review panel will evaluate the applications and make award recommendations.

Library Support Staff Training (LSST)

The LSST program will not be funded in 2018/19 to allow State Library staff to evaluate the program, seek input from California library staff, and realign support staff training.

Contact Information

For any questions, please contact me using the information below.

Narinder Sufi
(916) 653-3761

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