BARD-Magazine Subscription Option

The magazine subscription option gives BARD users the opportunity to subscribe to any magazine on BARD by selecting the Subscribe To [magazine title] button at the top of the magazine's summary listing page. Issues of BARD-subscribed magazines will be automatically added to the patron's wish list as they become available. To unsubscribe, select the Unsubscribe To [magazine title] button at the top of the summary listing page of any magazine you subscribe to.

BARD users may also opt to receive an e-mail when new issues of magazines they subscribe to are available. Select the E-mail Notification Options link from the subscription confirmation page, then choose Yes from the drop-down menu labeled Alert Me By E-mail When New Issues of Subscribed Magazines Are Available. Note that these options do not mean patrons will begin receiving a physical copy of magazines in the mail. To subscribe to receive physical copies of magazines via U.S. Mail, please contact us.