Services to People with Disabilities

People with Print Disabilities

Talking (audio) and braille books by mail, downloadable books and magazines via desktop or mobile app, descriptive videos, and audio playback equipment are available for loan – free of charge – to Californians unable to read conventional print due to a visual or physical disability. To find out more about the services offered in your county, visit our page for people with print disabilities.

Assistive Technology

There are two accessible PCs available for use by persons with print disabilities in the Braille and Talking Book Library. Both PCs are equipped with Jaws for Windows and Window Eyes screen reader software, one of which features Zoom Text screen magnification software and Open Book optical character recognition software, and the other Magic screen magnification software and Kurzweil 1000 optical character recognition software. Both PCs are connected to HP flatbed scanners for scanning of printed documents into text to speech. The second PC also features Duxbury braille translation software and is connected to an Enabling Technologies Juliet Pro60 braille embosser. Both PCs are also equipped with Microsoft Office product suite and Internet access.

Closed-Circuit Magnifiers (CCTVs), and a stand-alone Kurzweil reading machine are also available for use in the Braille and Talking Book Library.

Building Access

Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building located at 914 Capitol Mall has an accessible entrance on the west side of the building along 9th Street.

Library and Courts Building II located at 900 N Street has an accessible entrance at the center doors in front of the building.

Accessible Parking

Parking is limited around the California State Library Buildings.

There is one designated disabled parking space for library visitors between 9th and 10th streets in between N Street and O Street directly behind the Library and Courts Building II.

The majority of available public parking is limited to on-street parking meters. However, vehicles that display the proper disabled placard or license plates can park free of charge at the metered spaces.