The Braille and Talking Book Library newsletter, BTBL News, features articles on topics of interest to Braille and Talking Book library patrons and the organizations that serve them, including information about new services, existing services, events, staff, and more.

Fall 2017 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT)

Spring/Summer 2017 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT)

Winter 2016/17 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT)

Spring/Summer 2016 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT)

Fall 2015 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT)

Summer 2015 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT)

Winter 2014/15 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT), Survey Results (WORD), (PDF)

Summer 2014 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (DTB), (BRF), (TXT)

Winter 2013/14 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (BRF), (TXT)

Summer 2013 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (BRF), (TXT)

Winter 2012/13 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (BRF), (TXT)

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Winter 2011/12 (WORD), (PDF), (MP3), (BRF), (TXT)

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