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As of November 2008, the State Library has suspended production of the CSL Connection due to the departure of our editor. Until publication resumes, please visit the CSL Blog for information on State Library activities and the latest news and updates regarding California's libraries.

Fall 2008 CSL Connection, Issue 51 – (HTML), (PDF)

The season is changing – fall is in the air! Through the pages of this fall 2008 issue of CSL Connection, see how events and changes might impact you in the months ahead.

Review remarkable highlights of late summer 2008 through the State Librarian's tour of openings, awards, events and conferences. (Click here for the story)

Learn how the California's budget cuts may affect you, and gain insights from the State Librarian's assessment of the cuts from CSL's perspective. (Click here for the story)

"State Spotlight" assures us it uses a solar-powered fluorescent bulb to highlight the Climate Change Portal, the State's comprehensive multi-agency web site focused on sustainability and achieving AB32's greenhouse gas reduction goals. (Click here for the story)

Enjoy a look inside the Library and Courts I Building. With a view of the past and a glance into the process of renovating, preserving and retrofitting the historic landmark, this article explores greening the home of the State Library and Supreme Court. (Click here for the story)

Explore new library openings around the state. Discover which library was built on a foundation made of melted-down weapons seized by their county's sheriff department, and which library is the result of astounding community fundraising efforts. (Click here for the story)

The CSL Connection conversation with Dean Misczynski, founding director of the California Research Bureau, offers insights to innovation and groundbreaking, life-changing research. Witness the Senate recognition of Misczynski's career achievements and examine recent CRB work on an urgent issue. (Click here for the story)

Discover the links between illiteracy and incarceration and how three library literacy programs are taking action to break the chain. Applaud Beatriz Sarmiento, CLLS literacy coordinator, recently lauded as a local hero by KCET, Sacramento's PBS affiliate. (Click here for the story)

Dip into the news from the Statewide Reference Think Tank, exploring social, communication and information trends, and their potential impacts into the future. (Click here for the story)

Congratulate California Library award winners, including Butte County's ELF program, Santa Monica Public Library's book cart drill team (check the article for YouTube link to the winning performance), the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research at UC Riverside, Redwood City Public Library's Project READ, and the CSL's Research Bureau. (Click here for the story)

CCHE proves to be a beacon of hope for two California lighthouses. Explore the restoration projects along the California coast. (Click here for the story)

The CSL's Braille and Talking Book Library brings popular newsletter back to its eager audience. Learn more about BTBL and what the newsletter means to its customers. (Click here for the story)

How did California rate among the nation in "Best of Web" competition? Surf the news about the Center for Digital Government's 2008 awards and see what sets California apart. (Click here for the story)

Check this issue's "Field Feedback" to discover who is talking about whom. (Click here for the story)

Have some news or comments to share? The editor welcomes your input. (Click here for the story)

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