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Internet Legal Research Weekly cites California State Library website’s 
“terrific online resources” 

From the March 30, 2008 issue [#293] of Internet Legal Research Weekly:

State libraries are increasingly developing terrific online resources, and the California State Library site is no exception. Although of course you'll find more at the physical library itself, the online version provides a whole lotta stuff. You have access to all of the library's catalogs, so that you can find books, legal materials, documents, maps, videos, and more. There's a picture catalog featuring selected images from the library's collections, and a good set of online resources. You can also subscribe to one of 5 RSS feeds, to keep up with the latest developments.

Aldrich’s Santiago workshop deemed “excellent”

To Stacey Aldrich, Deputy State Librarian:

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation at the Santiago Library System’s Reference Committee workshop.  You were, indeed, the perfect speaker for “Future Trends in Reference.” Your talk was informative and inspiring.  We could have listened to you for much longer!  Many of us, including me, will be checking out your blog to find the information you referenced.  I know that putting together a presentation of this quality takes a lot of time and dedication, and it was clear that you worked hard for us.  You have motivated us to take the next steps into the future. 

Melinda Steep
Acting Library Director
Yorba Linda Public Library

Yolo County Youth Services library specialist grateful for ELF information

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Suzanne Flint and Judy Klikun who spoke at the MVLS meeting informing us about the ELF grant.

Applying for the grant was a learning experience.  Attending the training in Pasadena was wonderful.  I had never attended such an event.  It was exciting meeting others from all over the state that were interested about our children, reading and outreach to our communities.

You have opened doors only dreamed of by granting us the $5000.  We are implementing our plan, and our goal is within reach.

Thank you for the funding and having the confidence that we can and will make a difference in our community of West Sacramento .

Cathy Lorda
Library Specialist,Youth Services
Yolo County Library

Palos Verdes Library District Director applauds CSL publication

In a prior life I was responsible for a large pension fund, so I had more exposure than I would have liked to actuarial analysis and the complexities of pension funding.  Now I am responsible for managing total employment costs for our special library district, so the issue is still of concern.

Actuarially Speaking: A Plain Language Summary of Actuarial Methods and Practices for Public Employee Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits is one of the clearest explanations I have seen of how pension liabilities are calculated and of the room for variability in the outcomes.

Congratulations to author Grant Boyken and the others who contributed on producing this document.  

Kathy Gould
Palos Verdes Library District

Gates Foundation leader applauds ARSL progress

Congratulations on the progress [the Association for Rural and Small Libraries] has made in a short amount of time.  The foundation was pleased to have WebJunction use their residual Rural Sustainability grant funds to ARSL to build your capacity as an organization.  

The Foundation would also like to express its appreciation to BCR for serving as ARSL's fiscal agent.  Thanks again for taking time to provide the update on your work and all the best in planning for your conference – it’s great to see this gathering happening on the west coast!

Jill Nishi
Deputy Director
U.S. Libraries Program
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Thank you to CSL Librarian for work with San Francisco’s Habeas Corpus Resource Center  

I am a clerical assistant at the Habeas Corpus Resource Center, a California state agency that represents death row inmates in their post-conviction proceedings. Recently, I was in charge of a major research project pertaining to one of our cases.  David Cismowski, a senior librarian in the Government Publications Section at the California State Library, was extremely helpful to our team and could not have been more courteous and responsive to my many questions.  He was diligent in following up and provided me with frequent progress reports.  He emailed me PDF versions of many of the articles we needed, which was very convenient, considering our office is in San Francisco.

Additionally, in the two or so cases when an item was not available at the California State Library, Mr. Cismowski was thorough in explaining which library might have the item.

Mr. Cismowski blew me away with his high level of professionalism and helpfulness.  Without him and the California State Library as a resource, I'm sure we'd still be desperately searching around for our materials.  In fact, I have emailed his contact information to the staff as research projects pop up quite often in the course of our work. 

Thank you to the California State Library, and thank you to Mr. Cismowski!

Zoe Overbeck
Habeas Corpus Resource Center
San Francisco

Praise for Transforming Life after 50 Institute

I wanted to thank the California State Library for the opportunity to participate in the Transforming Life after 50 Institute in December.

The presenters were very inspiring and energizing.  Both Stephanie and I are very excited about opportunities to further engage our “50+s.”  I also wanted to say that Suzanne Flint’s graciousness is so appreciated and set the tone for the session. 

This was an exceptional event!

Valerie Maginnis
Mission Viejo Library

Thanks to the California State Library for the fabulous Transforming Life after 50 Institute.  It was eye-opening, and rusty wheels in my hair started turning again.  I am sure you will see many fabulous library programs emerge from this opportunity. 

Hillary Theyer
Torrance Public Library

Many thanks for including us in the Transforming Life after 50 Institute.  We greatly enjoyed the opportunity to hear the experts speak about how libraries can effectively serve the diverse clientele.

It was a pleasure to connect with so many dedicated and energetic public librarians.  We’re so pleased that the California State Library will be providing them the tools they will need to create successful programs.  We’ll be watching as your project unfolds; if there is anything these two Oregonians can do you for you, please let us know!

Congratulations on a very successful conference!

Abigail Elder and Jane Salisbury
Multnomah County Library
Portland, Oregon




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