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The California State Library hears from you!
Hits on Center for the Book website “double”

The number of hits on the California Center for the Book website  doubled after I posted my announcement on CALIX about our toolbox for libraries on Ken Burns’ The War.  Teachers, librarians, and other groups were eager to access this great package to help create their The War programs. My webmaster can't contain her excitement; I've never seen so many happy faces and exclamation points in one email!

Mary Menzel, Director,
California Center for the Book

“Deep gratitude” for PLSEP grant

I am writing to express my deep gratitude to the California State Library, and to the committee who awarded me the PLSEP grant for the 2007-2008 academic year.

As an older student who is pursuing her dreams, and with two children in college, this financial award represents so much to my family and me.  It also speaks volumes about the California State Library’s commitment and support to those entering the profession.  The more I learn and experience from the library world, the more excited I am about becoming part of it.

Ellen Mark, Santa Monica

Praise for CSL service to sight impaired customer

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the California State Library staff for the prompt service of a half-speed tape player delivered to my sight impaired friend, Linda.  It has made such a difference in her life to have the independence to play the books on tape and enjoy them without having to ask her caregiver for help.  The loan of these materials from the state system has helped to lift her depression and has truly made a remarkable difference

Thank you again for sending the player out in such an efficient and timely manner!  We are most grateful!

Kathleen M. Collier,
Library Commission


Highly specialized materials for remedial classes help professor

You have my sincere thanks for allowing Dr. Robert Monke, Kremen School of Education, Fresno, to borrow three volumes of my journal, The Pointer.

This was a valuable service, for the pedagogical materials remain quite timely, and highly useful for remedial and special education classes.

The Pointer for Special Class Teachers and the Parents of the Handicapped had an international circulation.  It opened ways to establish greatly needed programs for children with learning difficulties.  Concrete, practical, and realistic techniques were provided in academic and vocational areas.

Through your kindness, further use can be made of these highly-specialized materials.

Carolyn Dobbs,
Founder and editor, The Pointer




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