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State Spotlight:
California Film Commission

The California Film Commission (CFC), a state agency dedicated to retaining film production in California, can help California libraries and those libraries’ communities not only boost their images, but also access centralized information about California hot-spots. CFC Location Resource Specialist, Lisa Mosher, would “love” to increase Californians’ awareness of the CFC’s many services and the benefit of becoming a California “location.”

The CFC as library customer resource

Mosher also moonlights as a librarian at the Beverly Hills Public Library. She knows that customers ask reference librarians everything, including “How do I get my house in the movies?’” Mosher suggests library staffers direct customers to the CFC, either on-line or by phone, for answers to that question, and more.

The CFC’s comprehensive film location statistics, descriptions, and resources can be a great tool for Californians looking for education about the film industry, for planning events and meetings, for families seeking wedding locations, for film industry job searching, for quick links to all the California colleges and universities, for regional travel destination leads, and for volunteer and community service opportunities.

The CFC as “location” resource
San Francisco Main Library featured in City of Angels.
In 2000, motion picture production in California (including film, television and commercials) generated some $33.4 billion through production expenditures, and the motion picture industry directly employed more than 250,000 Californians. Clearly, when film companies bring their rolling industry to a location, they give local economies a boost. Capturing a community’s appeal on film can ensure a steady stream of visitors for generations to come.

Community leaders who want their local library, museum, or other public building to be a film location can get started through the CFC. The CFC will reinforce the benefits of filming to any California community, while simultaneously showcasing that community to the film industry.

Pasadena Public Library featured in Foul Play.

Location scouts call it “cheating” when one location substitutes for another, but the location not only gets its name in the production’s credits, it also becomes cemented in popular culture. To see California libraries in two well-loved Hollywood productions, visit librarian Goldie Hawn’s workplace, the Pasadena Public Library (acting as a San Francisco branch) in 1978’s Foul Play. Or see how filmmakers blend the soaring splendor of the interior of San Francisco Public Library’s new main branch with the dignified exterior of Los Angeles Public Library’s central branch in 1998’s City of Angels.

As the CFC works to “enhance California’s position as the premiere location for all motion picture and television production,” California libraries can work to enhance their images, their resources, or their information services using the CFC’s tools (and maybe shine on the silver screen!)

For more information about CFC services, please contact Lisa Mosher at (323) 860-2960 x 123 or email at





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