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Field Feedback:
The California State Library 
hears from you!

Customer letters to CSL librarians

To the California History Section in Sacramento:

[From a college professor writing a book on migrant labor in California before 1920]

Thank you [for] your good help during my work in the California State Library last week. Everyone was extremely helpful. And I really appreciate that – especially when I am on a quick visit, trying to cover a lot of territory in a short time…You have a great photo collection as well as being quite a storehouse of material on California history…All in all, I found a lot of helpful materials. I now feel more confident about my California topics, and hope to begin writing early next year…You have a fine collection, and the [staff] attention was very good.

Mark Wyman, Illinois State University, Department of History


To the California State Library Sutro Branch in San Francisco:

[From a patron whose opinion librarian Martha Whittaker asked before she purchased New Orleans Slave Manifests for Sutro]

I am very flattered that you asked for my advice regarding historical documents…I will always be grateful to Sutro and its staff for the absolutely outstanding effort rendered me in my research for the origin of my early 17th century ancestors. [Each] of those manifests…hold so much promise for researchers. For example, my grandfather told us that his father was shipped to the “Big Easy” because he was the offspring of a black woman and a white man. I have since been told that mixed race people were [routinely] shipped from Virginia to New Orleans … Ms. Whittaker, I commend you for your very noteworthy endeavor. Hopefully, the documents will aid somebody in their search for ancestors. Many thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

Ralph Hodge


Public Library Staff Education Program

In the past two months…I completed my final culminating research paper to complete my master’s degree, and was offered full time employment with Glendora Public Library as the adult reference librarian.

I am writing to express my gratitude and to urge you to continue your support of the Public Library Staff Education Program. I have just completed the San Jose State Library and Information Sciences program offered through the Cal State Fullerton campus. Without the financial help of tuition reimbursement, it is unlikely I would have been able to accomplish these goals.

A bit more than five years ago, I began working as a library page, shelving books for a little more than minimum wage. Two years later I decided to seek my master’s degree and was promoted to a position with more pay and responsibility. As a library aide, I worked at least 30 hours each week and attended evening, weekend , and online classes for several years…My years of work paid off, and I am thrilled to be working as a reference librarian at last.

Thank you for the Public Library Staff Education Program. I ask you to continue this program to encourage public library support staff to pursue their MLIS degrees.

Sandra Krause, Monrovia (Glendora Public Library)






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