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CONNECTION ~ Issue 42, Spring 2006
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State Librarian of California,
Susan Hildreth

Update from the State Librarian

I have had a very busy spring and look forward to some sunnier days in Sacramento.  We have had a very rainy winter; and, although I know it is useful in the dry season, we are all ready for some sunshine.

In March I attended the Public Library Association (PLA) National Conference in Boston.  This conference is a very focused opportunity for public librarians to meet colleagues from around the nation and share best practices and common challenges.  It was great to see many California library staff in attendance.   Although it is an expense for staff to attend, it is a great investment in their training and future.  Keep your calendars open for the PLA Spring Symposium March 1 - 3, 2007 in San Jose and the next national conference March 25 - 29, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

California State Library

In April, I participated in the Better Together Conference at the Cerritos Library.  This program, supported by LSTA funds, brought teams from nineteen public libraries together to learn how to design engaging learning experiences for their communities.  Team members included representatives from libraries, museums, historical societies, public television stations, municipal cable channels and other community organizations; and exciting speakers shared knowledge and experiences in building community partnerships for lifelong learning.  Check out more information on this great program at .

In early May, the California State Library hosted the spring meeting of the Western Council of State Libraries at the Cerritos Library.  The Western Council of State Libraries is comprised of all the state libraries west of the Mississippi River. The State Librarians wanted to see what was happening in California; and the Cerritos Library provides a laboratory that demonstrates a variety of service designs in action.  The highlight of the meeting was an intimate dinner and discussion with famed author and library enthusiast Ray Bradbury and Marty Sklar, a Disney “imagineer” and colleague of Walt Disney.

The Public Library Directors’ Forum, held May 17 – 19 in San Diego, was a great learning experience for all participants.  George Needham, OCLC, and Joan Frye Williams, library consultant, provided great insights into the OCLC Perceptions report and its implications for libraries.  Librarians thoroughly enjoyed a presentation by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, creators of the “Unshelved” comic strip.  Anne Marie Luthro, of Envirosell, demonstrated how the retail experience could be applied to libraries.  Participants had the opportunity to evaluate their favorite retail environments as well as do some shopping!  To find out more about the forum, please check out the “PLDF Wiki” at or checkout our photos of the forum in this issue of CSL Connection.

I hope that everyone has a great summer and gets time for some relaxation!

Table of Contents

June 6, 2006 election results

Endowment Board convenes, reserves funding for round two

Public Library Directors Forum -- A photo montage

The Triumph of Helios: Photographic Treasures of the California State Library

Children of Arrested and Incarcerated Parents

California State Library offers engaging workforce training videos to California libraries

California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP) adds youth members to carry on message of internment

Prop 14 libraries featured on OLC website

First Bond Act co-located facility opens in Newport Beach

Defining co-located libraries

California Center for the Book has new director

Magazine features San Luis Obispo library director

NCLIS California winner in national top 10

Indian Tribes of California: A project created by the students of the Lo-Inyo fourth grade class

Department of Personnel Administration celebrates 25 years with support of California State Library

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