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California State Library Government Publications team "integral" to new UC Library

I am the interlibrary loan services coordinator and a founding member of the new 10th UC campus, UC Merced. UC Merced Library staff has built the Kolligian Library literally from the ground up and currently working at full capacity, overcoming many obstacles to get to this point.

Since our collection is limited, it has been my focus to establish an Interlibrary Loan Unit that provides accurate and timely service for our campus community. We rely heavily on other library resources and the State Library Government Publication Section has played an integral role in providing excellent service to our patrons here at UC Merced.  

I am most grateful for their wealth of knowledge and their prompt response to my requests, as are my patrons.  I can submit a request for a Gov Doc item and receive a response or the material within minutes.  

I want to let you know this group of individual’s rock, and you’re very fortunate to have them on your team!

Denice Sawatzky
Interlibrary Loan Services Coordinator
UC Merced Kolligian Library


California Attorney General lauds California State Library Research Bureau report in letter to Governor and legislature

[The following is an excerpt from a May 31, 2006 letter from California Attorney General   Bill Lockyer to Governor Schwarzenegger; members of the California legislature; Tribal Government representatives; Gambling Industry representatives; and California media organizations]

“. . .[Last year] I asked the California Research Bureau (CRB) to take a new look at gambling in California…I think the new report, “Gambling in the Golden State: 1998 Forward,” will prove to be a timely and welcome reference for legislators, regulators, media representatives, the gambling industry, its supporters and adversaries, and thoughtful Californians throughout our state.

While the gambling report and its commentary will inevitably stir some controversy and debate, (as nearly every significant gambling development seems to do), I am impressed with the wealth of up-to-date factual and statistical data included in the report.  I am certain that this information will prove very useful to decision-makers who need accurate and complete context when considering the many new developments and proposals that confront them today and into the next few years.

Thanks to Dr. Charlene Wear Simmons, who authored the report, to Director Dean Misczynski and the fine staff of the CRB, and to all those who contributed time, ideas and good information to this important new work.   I urge everyone who is interested in California gambling issues to take time soon to read the entire report and better understand the past, present and future of legal gambling in California.   The subject is both fascinating and very important.” 

Bill Lockyer
California Attorney General




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