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Field Feedback:
The California State Library 
hears from you!

Director of Finance lauds California State Library staff

One of my staff recently contacted the [California] State Library Research Bureau to request historical records indicating how many Directors have served the Department of Finance. The Research staff went well beyond our request and provided us with an entire history of the department. We are most appreciative of the time and effort taken to provide this information. The Research staff is to be commended for their dedication and thoroughness.

Michael C. Genest, Director
California Department of Finance

Public Library Staff Education Program

As someone who just finished her degree in Library and Information Science – I want to thank you. The help with tuition from the California State Library (through my system, Contra Costa County) has been invaluable.

Please accept my sincere thanks! Children’s services here I come…

Odette Batis, Pinole

Thank you for your support of the Public Library Staff Education Program. This grant allowed me to pursue my MLIS at San Jose State University without worrying about the cost of tuition. I graduated with my degree on May 27, and am looking forward to beginning my career as a professional librarian.

Sarah Krueger, Fairfield

State Librarian’s Office as backdrop

Thank you for allowing the use of the State Librarian’s office for the Donald Hagerty interview. His expertise is an important component of our documentary about the life and art of Maynard Dixon and the State Librarian’s office is an incredible setting for his segments within the program.

Many thanks to [the CSL] staff…everyone was gracious and incredibly accommodating. I most appreciated [Principal Librarian] Gary Kurutz, his assistance will have a great impact on the success of the finished program.

Joe Prokop, Associate Producer
KUED Salt Lake City, UT






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