Skilled Volunteers

We started the Get Involved project in 2008 when libraries were getting interested in the aging Baby Boomers. Research showed that they volunteer at higher rates than previous generations did at their age, but that they were often not able to find the kind of volunteer opportunities they were interested in. They are seeking ways to share the skills they've learned in the workforce, so are not necessarily as excited about our "traditional" library volunteer opportunities, but have a lot to share if we make a place for them.

Recent research shows that this is not just an interest of the "Boomer" generation — Both Gen X and Millenials have a similar interest — wanting to share the skills they have, rather than just do work that "anyone" can do.

So now we talk less about generational issues, and more about how to engage "high end," "high impact," or "high skilled" volunteers. California Libraries are achieving wonderful things by thinking about how they can engage people with skills in new volunteer roles for the library.

Browse and download sample skilled library volunteer positions from our Get Involved Resource Clearinghouse. Click on "Position Descriptions" and use the Dropdown Menu for a variety of ideas.

Working with Skilled Volunteers

Working with Skilled Volunteers (15:33)
This video includes interviews with 4 highly skilled volunteers that will demonstrate their motivation for volunteering, and what made them say yes to recruitment. HTML Video Embed Code by v1.8

Specific Volunteer Skills Success Strategies

Looking for help in one of these skill areas? Each video focuses on a particular skill to help you think about how to find and recruit people with that skill.

Specific Volunteer Type Success Strategies

Looking to recruit a particular type of volunteer? These videos each focus in on a specific "type" of volunteer to help you think about how to find and recruit them.