Get Involved Volunteer Engagement Institute

In 2015, California's statewide "Get Involved: Powered by Your Library" initiative held workshops in six locations throughout the state this year, utilizing our system of Get Involved Regional Networks. The workshops featured presentations by Get Involved Regional Leaders – library staff from around the state who are having great success implementing volunteer services at their libraries.

These videos are from the event held at the Oakland Public Library in May 2015. Participating libraries were encouraged to send teams of 2–3 people, including at least one senior manager, to learn about:

  • Utilizing high impact volunteers
  • Understanding what motivates volunteers
  • Recruiting and interviewing for a good fit
  • Growing & sustaining volunteer programs
  • Resources available to help you succeed

These events were sponsored by "Get Involved: Powered By Your Library", a California initiative designed to expand the visibility and contributions of skilled volunteers in public libraries around the state.

The entire daylong workshop was recorded, and has been broken down into specific topics below for you to watch at your leisure. If you'd like to see the handouts and Powerpoint slides that go with the videos you can access them here: