Get Involved: Library Volunteer Program Improvement Model

This survey-based model was developed to help libraries assess their volunteer program's current capacity level according to best practices in volunteer program management. It is meant to help strengthen program effectiveness by identifying areas where the program achieves best practices, as well as areas for improvement.

Resources and strategies to help you take your next steps in program development are provided with the report each library receives via e-mail based on their results.

The tool assesses capacity and functioning in these 4 major Component areas:

  1. Strategy
  2. Management Support and Staff Buy-In
  3. Program Infrastructure and Volunteer Lifecycle
  4. Community Outreach

For each component area, there is a series of Indicators for you to select that best describe your program. There are five "Performance Levels" measured for each component area – from "Ad Hoc," a program that has a few best practices in place, to the highest, or "Optimized" level.

Another great feature is that the tool compares your program anonymously to all libraries who have taken the survey, and then compares again just to libraries of your size that have taken it – just so you can see where you stand.

infoThe Library Volunteer Program Improvement Model

Just take the "survey" using information about your library's volunteer program. You'll get an e-mail with the results in it, as well as suggested resources to assist you based on your assessment. In a few months, or a year, you can take it again to see your improvement.