Library Development Services Bureau

The Library Development Services (LDS) Bureau provides state and federal financial assistance to libraries and provides technical consulting assistance to help local libraries extend and improve services to all Californians.

The primary assistance programs of the Bureau include the following.

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  • Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), a federal program which provides grants to libraries for innovative library services, technological development, services for underserved populations, library networking and resource sharing. Find more information about LSTA grant in Grants section.
  • Public Library Fund, a funding formula under which the state contributes funding for basic local library services under specified conditions;
  • California Library Literacy Services, which works to enable Californians of all ages to reach their literacy goals and use library services effectively;
  • California Library Services Act (CLSA), helps public libraries and cooperative public library systems provide coordinated information services, supports communication and delivery among libraries, and provides reimbursement for interlibrary loans of materials and direct loans to non-resident borrowers;
  • Library of California (LoC), a multitype resource-sharing program through which participating public, college and university, school, and special libraries are linked. This program currently is unfunded and has no active services.


Contact Information:

Library Development Services
California State Library
Library and Courts Building II
900 N Street, Fourth Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814-4800

(916) 653-5217
FAX (916) 653-8443