Library Services and Technology Act

Apply for an LSTA Grant

LSTA Grants are provided by the California State Library to assist libraries and library-related agencies develop programs and projects that enhance library service for all Californians.

LSTA funding is also used to fund targeted programs that support statewide programs.

Be sure to read the following two documents before applying for a grant.

1) CIPA and LSTA

2) Federal Restrictions on the Use of LSTA Funds

3) View Sample LSTA Application

Below are all of the current grants available.

BOOKS 4U – Common Core 2014


This year allocations are being provided for each public library jurisdiction to purchase new print materials to bolster their collections. The focus of this year's program is to support the Common Core curriculum by strengthening your fiction and non-fiction collections for students, educators and parents.

Read the State Librarian's Announcement (PDF)

Due Date:

June 30, 2014


Use the following to apply for this grant:

Books4U Califa Forms (PDF)

Books4U Califa Forms (WORD)

Books4U Common Core Selection Criteria (PDF)

Books4U Common Core Resources (PDF)

Books4U Suggested Book List (EXCEL)

(Documents in PDF format can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.)