Chromebooks Funding Opportunity


Contact: Carolyn Brooks

The California State Library provides grant funds, materials and services to rural California public libraries. Rural library jurisdictions are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity to obtain Chromebooks for use in the library or for circulation to the patrons.

California public library jurisdictions that are CIPA-compliant with service outlets in rural areas may apply for the opportunity to obtain Chromebooks for those outlets, for in-library use or for circulation to patrons. CIPA-compliant jurisdictions with library branches with a locale code of 31, 32, 33, 41, 42, or 43 or with mobile service outlets serving rural areas, are eligible.


This opportunity is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We do expect to be able to fund most applicants.

Libraries must apply by jurisdiction. To apply, the library director or designee must first complete this application form by April 29th.

To participate, the library director or designee must first complete this application form.

Terms and procedures

  • This opportunity is offered at the jurisdictional level. Individual branches should not apply. Libraries that have received Chromebooks in previous funding opportunities are still eligible to apply but preference will be given to first-time applicants.
  • Funding will provide up to 15 Chromebooks and a charging cabinet per library. You may request a set of Chromebooks and charging cabinet for more than one library in your jurisdiction.
  • Each library must submit delivery packing lists within two weeks of receipt of materials.

Libraries will not pay vendor for their materials, as billing and payment will be handled entirely by Califa. All materials must be selected from a pre-approved list of materials that will be supplied by Califa upon approval of participation.


Important Information

OPEN UNTIL 4/29/2019

The funding is limited, and only systems with rural libraries that are CIPA-compliant may apply (Children’s Internet Protection Act). If you are unsure of whether your system is CIPA-compliant, please check with your director or IT department.

This is a streamlined funding opportunity and should require a minimum of library staff time.

The library will not need to handle any funds directly.