California Civil Liberties Public Education Program – Advisory Committee

The State Librarian appoints an Advisory Committee comprised of leaders of the Japanese American community and others involved in civil liberty issues to provide input on the program. Advisory Committee members to date (in alphabetical order):

  • Marla O. Anderson
    Judge, Superior Court of Monterey County; Vice Chair of the Executive and Planning Committee for the Judicial Council of California
  • Patrick Hayashi
    Retired Associate President of the University of California
  • Jonathan Kaji
    President, Kaji & Associates
  • Mark Katrikh
    Director, Professional Development Programs, Tools for Tolerance® – Museum of Tolerance
  • Karen Korematsu
    Founder & Executive Director, Fred T. Korematsu Institute
  • Diane Matsuda
    Retired Executive Director, John Burton Foundation
  • Maricela Rodriguez
    Program Manager, Healthy California, a program of the California Endowment
  • Dale Shimasaki
    CEO, Strategic Education Services and former Executive Director
    of the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund