Emergency Preparedness & Recovery for Collections

The California Preservation Program, a collection preservation service of the California State Library, provides disaster preparedness and response information to libraries, archives, historical societies, and cultural institutions statewide. When a disaster strikes, institutions are encouraged to call for guidance as soon as possible. The emergency toll-free number, 888-905-7737, will connect you with a disaster response specialist. Phone consultation is provided at no charge. If phone consultation is not sufficient, on-site assistance can be arranged at minimal or no charge.

The California Preservation Program website section on "Emergency Preparedness and Response" provides a number of useful resources for preparedness, training, and response and recovery.

Libraries damaged in a major disaster are eligible for federal assistance under the FEMA Stafford Act including temporary relocation. Libraries also are seen as community resources in a disaster, providing services and information. Talk to your local emergency services before disaster strikes, to see how you can assist your community.

Please direct non-emergency inquiries about disaster assistance and other preservation consulting services to the California Preservation Program at info@calpreservation.org.