California Research Bureau Staff Directory

California State Library building

General Information

We respond promptly to research requests and deadlines from the Legislature and Governor. For research requests, please contact the California Research Bureau at or (916) 319-2691. You can also visit our office at the State Capitol, Room 5210 (Mon–Fri, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.). Go to our page about the California Research Bureau to learn more about services we provide to the Governor, Legislature and Constitutional Officers.

For information on the Homeless Youth Project, please go to the project website at or contact Shahera Hyatt, project director, at or (916) 653-8722.


Anne Neville
(916) 653-8303

Sabah Eltareb
Assistant Director
(916) 653-8532

Tom Negrete
(916) 653-6972
Assistant Director

Leslie Humphrey
(916) 653-0125
Associate Governmental Program Analyst

Carley Herron
Staff Services Analyst
(916) 651-2743

Research Staff:

John Cornelison
Senior Librarian
(916) 653-8048

Kellie Jean Hogue
Research Program Specialist II
(916) 653-7522

Devin Lavelle
Research Program Specialist II
(916) 653-5562

Jaemin Lee
(916) 653-8161

Tonya D. Lindsey
Research Program Specialist II
(916) 653-8667

Pam Martin
Research Program Specialist I
(916) 653-6742

Pamela Rasada
Research Program Specialist I
(916) 653-6372

Rebecca Ray
Library Technical Assistant I
(916) 653-7422

Maeve Roche
Senior Librarian
(916) 653-6709

Patrick Rogers
Research Program Specialist II
(916) 653-5207

Ben Tang
Research Program Specialist I
(916) 651-8793

Ngan Tran
Research Program Specialist II
(916) 653-7381