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First 5 California Children and Family Commission Section

CSL Services to First 5 Children & Families Commission

When, in 1998, California voters passed the California Children and Families Act, they showed their commitment to provide the best possible start in life for California’s youngest children. In response to that directive, the First 5 California Children and Families Commission is creating programs, services and projects to promote strong families, healthy children and early childhood learning and development.

The California State Library is also committed to promoting education and knowledge, and as part of an interagency contract between First 5 California and the State Library, the California State Library is actively supporting the information needs of the First 5 California Children and Families Commission in its efforts to provide a comprehensive, integrated system of early childhood development services to all children in California from the ages 0-5. The California State Library is committed to providing the First 5 California staff with access to an extensive collection of resources, highly skilled staff providing enhanced reference services, positive customer service and 21st century technology.

  • CCFC Library – Over 4318 resources have been purchased to support your information and research needs. (List of titles in this collection)
  • Employee Training and Development Videos – Covers topics such as leadership, coaching, motivation, succession planning, recruitment and retention, ethics, and other subjects as they arise. (List of videos in this collection)
  • Find newspaper and journal articles, and more.
  • Request Assistance – Can't find that book or article that you are looking for? Need information on a new project you're working on? Let us know. Phone (916) 654-0261 or email
  • Studies in the News for First 5 California This current awareness publication is electronically distributed to First 5 California staff and their invited guests, featuring annotated lists of materials relevant to staff.
  • Suggest a Purchase – Recommend the purchase of materials and resources for the CCFC library.

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