California Research Bureau, California State Library

Readings On No-Fault Divorce

Prepared By Charlene Wear Simmons, Ph.D.

March 1998 CRB-98-004

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This compilation of selected materials relative to no-fault divorce and its impact on children was gathered at the request of Assemblymember Martha Escutia, Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee. A brief introduction relates the history of state grounds for divorce and state divorce rates. Other topics include demographic information on divorce rates and family composition, the impact of children, current comparative state legislation, proposals to strengthen marriage and selected articles which present divergent opinions about research findings and reform proposals. The Assembly Judiciary Committee report on Divorce Reform in California: From Fault to No-Fault...and Back Again?, offers an excellent summary. Associated topics explicitly not included in the requests include child and spousal support and property division.



Since this topic is of interest to many state officials, the California Research Bureau requested and received permission from the copyright holders to compile and reprint a limited number of copies of these materials. The California Research Bureau, California State Library, appreciates the willingness of copyright holders to further an informed public policy debate on this important issue. Copyright laws restrict any further reproduction of these materials.

All copyrighted contents are reproduced with permission and thanks to:

Professor Ira Mark Ellman and Oxford University Press for the article, "Why Reformers Should Look Instead to the American Law Institute," from International Journal of Law, Policy and Family, 1997.

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