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California Research Bureau

Ninety Years of Health Insurance Reform Efforts in California:
Bill and Proposition Files
(CRB 07-013-01 to 07-013-11)

Compiled by Michael Dimmitt, Ph.D., Megan Quirk, John Cornelison, and Pat Kinnard

This compilation of bills and propositions provides full text versions of the legislative and gubernatorial efforts to increase the number of Californians with health insurance.  It compliments the California Research Bureau’s review of state’s health care policy for the medically indigent for the period from 1918 until the present.  Over that period, legislators introduced at least 44 measures to reduce the number of medically uninsured people in California.  There also were four ballot measures that would have increased health care coverage.  Due to file size guidelines and download concerns, the files were kept under five megabytes (5 MB) in size where possible.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposal is now ABX1.2, and is available at:

The Assembly Speaker Nunez's proposal is ABX1.1, and is available at:


07-013-01 1918, SCA26; 1935, SB454; 1939, AB2172
07-013-02 1945, AB800, AB2201; 1947, AB1500; 1949, AB863
07-013-03 1953, AB3138; 1961, AB605; 1963, AB2644
07-013-04 1971, AB2860; 1972, AB1199, SB770; 1978, AB1207
07-013-05 1980, AB3068; 1982, AB1262; 1988, AB2647
07-013-06 1989, AB350, SB1207, AB328
07-013-07 1990, AB1521
07-013-08 1990, SB2868, SB36, AB3032
07-013-09 1992, AB502, SB6, AB2001
07-013-10 1992, SB248, Proposition 166, AB1672; 1994 AB16
07-013-11 1994, Proposition 186; 1998, SB2123; 1999, SB480; 2002, SB1414; 2003, AB1527, AB1528, SB2; 2004, Proposition 72; 2005, AB1670; 2006, AB1952, AB2450; 2007, AB8, SB236, SB840




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