Permission to Use

'The camp library is yours'. A graphic that shows a soldier reading books Henry Sterling Bloom gold rush letters, 1931 Library and Courts Building Annex

The vast majority of the images contained in the California State Library collections that were produced or published prior to 1923 are public domain images. The library does not research each image in its collection to determine or guarantee freedom from copyright. The library can claim only physical ownership of the material. Materials may be protected by copyright, trademark, or related interests, including possible rights of privacy. All responsibility for questions of copyright liability and release violations that may arise in the use made of reproduced material is assumed by the user. For more information, please consult our copyright page. To obtain our permission to use an item in the collection, please email us the following information:

  • List of images for which you are requesting permission to use,
  • an explanation of how the materials will be used,
  • the publisher or sponsor,
  • the print run and/or production numbers,
  • a circulation estimate,
  • whether the material is being used for non-profit purposes.

In lieu of an e-mail, you may also send a letter to:

California History Room
California State Library
P.O. Box 942837
Sacramento, CA 94237-0001


Right to Refusal


In-Kind Donations