Digital Image Reproduction

The digital images in the California State Library Picture Catalog are available free of charge. Only existing digital images (represented by a thumbnail in the Picture Catalog) may be requested. We are unable to scan on demand.

If you would like to request a digital copy of an image in the Picture Catalog, please send (mail, fax or email) a copy of the image to us, along with the call number given in the catalog. Please specify whether you need rush service and whether you seek permission to use the image at this time. We also need your phone number and email address. We will post a high-resolution copy of the image(s) you requested to our web based server, and you will be contacted with instructions for accessing these files.

PLEASE NOTE: Files hosted on this server will be automatically deleted after 30 days. You will need to download your requested image(s) to your own computer within that time.

Reproduction of any material from the California State Library's collections, for publication, commercial display or other non-private use, requires the advance written permission of the State Library.



Contact the California History Section with inquiries regarding digital images at California History Section, California State Library, PO Box 942837, Sacramento, CA 94237-0001, email or FAX: 916 654-8777.