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Bird's eye view of Marysville and Yuba City, Cal. and surrounding country [graphic] / sketched by C.P. Cook, 1888. View looking down row of hops growing on vertical stands; man posed next to plants which tower above him. Bomb Day festival in Marysville, California. Preparation. Shows assembly of dragon.

Congratulations to our September County of the Month, Yuba! Formed in 1850, Yuba County boasted a population of 72,155 people as of 2010. In addition to having several very active historic preservation organizations, Yuba County is also the home of a thriving agricultural sector and to Beale Air Force Base. Furthermore, its abundance of gold-bearing gravel beds made it home to many Gold-Rush era boom-towns. If you are looking for an exciting local history research project, you might find one within this region's boundaries!

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In August of 2017, in an effort to better support the work of local governments and historical societies in promoting and preserving the past, the California History Section started the County of the Month program. This recognition honors the diverse character of California's many counties while providing research tips to individuals interested in finding out more about California local history. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact us.