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Causeway Celebration Sacramento. May 11-14, 1916, poster. Map of Jerome C. Davis' ranch, Yolo County. Causeway over Yolo Basin between Sacramento and Davis, California.

Congratulations to our November County of the Month, Yolo! Formed in 1850, Yolo County boasted a population of 200,849 people as of 2010. In addition to having several historic preservation organizations, Yolo is also home to a the University of California, Davis, and a thriving agricultural sector! If you are looking for an exciting local history research project, you might find one within this region's boundaries!

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In August of 2017, in an effort to better support the work of local governments and historical societies in promoting and preserving the past, the California History Section started the County of the Month program. This recognition honors the diverse character of California's many counties while providing research tips to individuals interested in finding out more about California local history. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact us.