"Afflicting the Comfortable:
California's Editorial Cartoonists"

Current editorial cartoon exhibit in the Circulation Room in the State Library Man labeled California business looking face to face with a large angry bear labeled min. wage hike. Lisa Benson, cartoonist, Sept. 17, 2013 Silhouette of person in jail with the word victim across their chest. Cartoon is reaction to the short sentence given to the offender in the Stanford Rape case. Darrin Bell, cartoonist, 2016 Wide-eyed man covering his mouth while a man labeled small business is handing him a box labeled CA sick pay with dollar bills falling out it. Lisa Benson, cartoonist, Sept. 6, 2014

If a picture is worth a thousand words then no one comforts the afflicted or afflicts the comfortable more than editorial cartoonists.

Artists have been poking fun at the powerful for centuries. In California, cartoonists have been doing it for more than 165 years. From "The Wasp" during the Golden State's first decades to the present. This exhibit was the brainchild of Dan Morain, editorial page editor at The Sacramento Bee, who wanted to showcase the work of his friend and colleague, Jack Ohman, the 2016 recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning, and other California editorial cartoonists.

Joining The Bee as an exhibit co-sponsor is the California Newspaper Publishers Association, which canvassed its members seeking examples of the often acerbic artistry of editorial cartoonists at publications small and large, mainstream and off-beat.

— Greg Lucas, State Librarian

Jarvis from 1978. A large image of a shark with the face of Howard Jarvis. Skiing out of the mouth is Jerry Brown. The top of the cartoon reads 'Just when he thought it was safe to go back in the water...JARVIS.'
Paul Conrad
In a desert. Two tiny figures of a parent and child stand under an umbrella in a city of high rises tucked into a mesa rock that says CA. They look at a picture of the Anasazi settlement in a similar mesa settlement but one carved out of natural rock instead of modern buildings. The parent says: 'The Anasazi Indians flourished in the American west for centuries until the realities of overpopulation and overfarming in a desert environment caught up with them and a drought wiped them out. Why do you ask?' signed Meyer.
Tom Meyer
Planned Parenthood. Man pointing to TV saying 'Look at this video I concocted!!!'
Jack Ohman
Coal Comfort by Carol Lay, 2003. A larger fish with mouth wide open revealing several sharp teeth chases the smaller fish, who looks frightened.
Carol Lay
The image is a Napa winery tasting room. Signs say: Wine tasting $10. T-shirts $50. A man and woman bartenders stand behind the bar. A customer sits at the bar drinking a glass of wine. In front of the bar is the back of a man with long hair, wearing a white robe, who looks like Jesus. His arms are outstretched. He says: 'Gov. Brown has sent me to change your wine into water'.
David Horsey
At top of cartoon, the text says in Spanish: 'Hispanic Heritage Month: Influencing the American culture more and more every day.' The image is the Statue of Liberty holding a maraca instead of a torch, wearing showy, dangling earrings and beaded necklace that look like Mexican indigenous jewelry. She has curls in her hair that stand out from her crown. She holds a book titled Spanish for Dummies. Signed Hector Curriel.
Hector Curriel
Two silhouetted figures look at a giant screen with the Facebook logo a giant cute kitten and the word Trending and an upward pointing arrow. Smaller screens on the bottom also show cute kitten photos. Each screen has a title: Politics, Science, News. One guy says to the other: We decided to have the algorithm eliminate any bias. Signed Fiore. MarkFiore.com, KQED.org
Mark Fiore
Caricature of Donald Trump Head cloud raining on smaller G.O.P. elephant with words El Niño written above
Steve Breen
Th image depict Jerry Brown dressed as a monk, with doves landing on his hands and squirrels at his feet.
Christopher Van Overloop
Outside a public library a young girl walks away looking perplexed. On the library door is a sign, 'Closed due to lack of funds.' Newspapers drift down from the sky. One has two headlines: 'Sports: Baseball Star Barry Bonds $43.75 million Giants contract.' The other headline reads: 'Daily Sentinel, TV Talk Show Host Offered $16 million. Letterman and CBS-TV.' Signed Renault, Sacramento Bee.
Dennis Renault
A young woman dressed in cap and gown is holding a lit torch and a diploma. She is standing on a pedestal which says 'Dream Act Now.'
Lalo Alcaraz
A Democrat donkey dressed in business clothes, stands in front of a judge's bench that's labeled: San Francisco, A Sanctuary City. He holds a shepherd's staff and, with eyes closed, points down at a dead sheep, and says: 'Awright, who is responsible for this?'
Lisa Benson
Pete Wilson holding a megaphone and a gun pointed at a bear. He yells 'Give me what I want or the bear gets it' Underneath it says 'California Republicans.'
Paul Duginski
Old west town. On the left is an old wooden structure with a wood walkway and water trough in front. On the top of the building are the word 'Bush v. Gore'. Sign on the building say 'Reproductive Freedom'. Lying below are 2 inert figures dressed is all gray, one has sign 'Affirmative Action' and the other has 'Immigrant rights' on their backs. On the right is a building with top floor in flames and the sign on it saying 'Voting rights act' two more gray people lie at the base, one with the sign 'Gay rights' on his back. In the center at the bottom are the words 'Citizens united' with a pathway leading away and a man on a horse with the sign 'Scalia' on his back and a gavel in his hand. To his left is another prone figure who says 'Who was that masked man?'
Darrin Bell
Text says: San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Device. Image is a hand holding an asthma inhaler with the instructions printed on side: Rx: Every day to breathe. signed Parra 2002.
SW Parra