California Calls You: The Art of Promoting
the Golden State, 1870–1940

This online exhibition highlights the beautiful and colorful booster materials designed to attract tourists and home seekers to the Golden State. Produced by the thousands, these now rare publications touted California as a land of perpetual spring and boundless opportunity. Featured in the display are spectacular posters created by California's great commercial artists promoting natural wonders, orange shows, resorts, and world fairs; rare books with gorgeous pictorial bindings; beautifully designed booklets and brochures produced by railroads and developers extolling the advantages of various counties; and other ephemera. This unprecedented public relations campaign literally lured millions to this land of "health, wealth, and sunshine."

Poster: California Land Show Travel Brochures: The Jewel City. San Francisco, 1915 California State Fair, 1909, monograph.