Dr. Kevin Starr Librarian Emeritus



April 1, 2004

Dr. Kevin Starr
"State Librarian Emeritus"

I am delighted to convey my sincere appreciation and congratulations on your retirement as California State Librarian.

California had the great fortune to welcome you back 30 years ago when you returned to teach at University of California, Berkeley. Over the ensuing three decades, you excelled as a historian, author, journalist and professor. Your books, columns and countless lectures have brought our state to life, giving a rich voice to our land, people, history and culture.

Most recently, under your energetic leadership, the California State Library experienced significant improvements, and it remains a vital institution and a source of great pride for all Californians because of your efforts. Your commitment to our state has earned you the respect and deep appreciation of your students, colleagues and fellow Californians. Therefore, it is my distinct honor to bestow on you the title of State Librarian Emeritus.

Thank you for your many distinguished contributions to California, and please accept my best wishes for every future happiness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger