Greetings From The State Librarian Emeritus, Dr. Kevin Starr

Kevin Starr The libraries of California represent a fundamental public good within our democracy. Libraries provide access to information and knowledge, and are how we record our time, achievements and failures for future generations. Libraries provide the capital necessary for us to understand the past and plan for the future. Free public library service is the basis of our democracy and will keep us a free nation. Democratic values depend on the free flow of information and knowledge with each individual assured the right and the privilege and the ability to choose and to pursue any direction of thought, study, or action. Libraries are also our collective memory, since history and human experience are best preserved in writing.

The California State Library believes deeply in equity and that libraries are fundamental in empowering people to take charge of their lives, their governments, and their communities. With the growing awareness of our diversity, libraries provide wonderful places for us to learn of the rich traditions and cultures that come together in our communities. The library collections we build, the access we provide, and the technologies we embrace will carry the people of California into a productive and creative future. The staff of the California State Library believes deeply in the future of California and that libraries have an essential role to play in that future.

Biographical Information on the State Librarian Emeritus

Dr. Starr retired on April 1, 2004, and was named State Librarian Emeritus by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.