California Research Bureau, California State Library

Gambling in California

By Roger Dunstan

January 1997 CRB-97-003


A report such as this depends upon the assistance of a number of other people both inside and outside of the California State Library. Special thanks goes to Trina Dangberg King and Pam O'Quin and the entire Information Services Section of the California State Library. Among those outside who helped, I would like to thank William Eadington, University of Nevada, Reno; I. Nelson Rose, Whittier College; staff of the Attorney General's office, particularly Tom Gede, Brenda Jahns, and Don Pressly; Chuck Smithers and Patty Urone of the California State Lottery Commission; Roy Wood of the California Horse Racing Board; and others who requested anonymity. Any errors and omissions are, of course, my responsibility.


  1. Gambling in the United States
  2. History of Gambling in the United States II-1
  3. Lotteries
  4. Indian Gaming
  5. Gambling in California
  6. Regulation of Gambling
  7. Why Do People Gamble?
  8. Why Do People Gamble Too Much?
  9. Economic Impacts of Gambling
  10. Politics and Gambling
  11. Gambling and Crime
  12. Outlook and Options